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HJ & DJ shooting badges

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    HJ & DJ shooting badges

    57484B2A-4D01-4B94-BCF4-9BFB1D80ECAB.jpeg CAD9B46E-E913-4560-B007-0D5C7554AC37.jpeg 19BD4841-361B-4A7D-BEF3-8766110EC2E0.jpeg A88FE34F-6B4A-4756-8259-6C3D4489362A.jpeg Hi,

    i have a good feeling about these 2 badges but i know there are a plenty of fakes (almost for m1/128’s). Rifles on DJ’ aren t too shiny ?

    what do you think ? Good or fake?

    thank you!

    Hi ! Sorry to say but the DJ is for sure a fake (have a look on the irregularity from the metal surface of the rifle butt. The HJ ought to be also a fake because of the regularity and size of the grains under the red enamel from the HJ emblem.


      Thank you Reinhard,

      i saw the regularity on this m1/77


        I would give the M1/77 a chance. As far as I know they are always good. The example that I have is made of iron (magnetic)

        This one, for example, is currently for sale on a German Dealer site and is an example of a fine original. The reverse reveals Iron base metal IMO.

        Regards, Wim

        M 77 a.JPG KnipselM1 77 b.JPG
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          I don t see reported m1/77 has fake maybe it s a good one after all


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