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The OTHER 1st Type Blood Order

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    I always thank my lucky stars that Bob Coleman shared the wonderful Emil maurice grouping, for my study. I was able to study it and learn about the 1st Blood Orders, from 1933. Had I not seen Bob's Maurice group, I might have not understood the importance of the group, that was laying on Helmut Weitze's table. Of course, Helmut was gracious in giving me a week to pay, as I was not financially prepared, when I saw the group. Luckily, the MAX Show was the next weekend and I had ample time to sell things and raise the capital to buy this group. Helmet placed the group in my hands on nothing more than a handshake!

    I salute the two dear friends, who made this possible: Bob Coleman and Helmut Weitze!!!!!!

    Bob Hritz
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      Very, very nice continuation on Coleman's thread.

      The last frame of four signatures; first is unknown, Hans Hayn (Gr. Sachsen), Josef Seydel (OSAF) and Friedrich Ritter von Kraußer.


        Bob, Thanks for sharing such fantastic pieces. From Bob's and your threads I learned that there was a first first pattern BO. You never stop learning in this hobby!


          I Find Bob's Grouping To Be Just As Important As The Maurice Grouping. The Content Kept By The Family Gives One A Wonderful Historic Picture Of This Man Who Never Rose To The Prominence Of Maurice But Was Still Recognized As Being An Important Contributor To The Early Days Of The 3rd Reich. It Was Quite A Day When Bob And I Placed The Two Badges Next To Each Other On The Table Of A Restuarant In Des Plaines, Illinois. The Last Time The Badges Met Was The Evening Of Novemeber 9th, 1933.
          As An Interesting Sidenote, Several Years Ago, I Displayed The Maurice Grouping At The S O S. Except For Those I Told To Come Look At The Group, Not One Person Walking Buy Questioned Any Of The Material.
          I Wish To Thank Bob For Taking The Time To Post His Grouping That Has Such Wonderful Historic Significance.


            Thanks to the "Bob's"

            Thanks to the Bob's - Hritz & Coleman!!!!!!!!

            We have been fortuitously treated to Groupings & Documents of the Ultra-Rare Category!!!!!!!

            These belong in some deserving Museum / Foundation when the day arrives when Scholarly pursuit of the History of the TR arrives. (We're not there yet though).

            The 1st Blood Order Badges....... Astounding!!!! A new door of Knowledge just opened up and we are all fortunate beneficiaries of the generosity of the Bob's!

            Thank you Bob Hritz and Bob Coleman....... for your Scholarly Generosity with the Collecting Community!! We are indebted. ........... Dave/dblmed


              Bob Hritz,

              Thank You for showing us these pics.
              A historical collection with the same depth as Bob Colemans.



                A wonderfull thing to see!

                Thanks for sharing this !!!!

                Regards Theo
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                  Awesome !! Thank you for sharing with us all.


                    Between the two Bobs we are being treated to some wonderful early history of the political side of the party. How these groups still managed to stay together is a miracle in itself. Thanks so much for sharing guys. These are wonderful and historically important items.
                    Richard V
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                      It is all quite humbling. Thank you Bob.
                      Premium paid for Walther Model 8 #727649 and Walther PP #975557



                        At first glance..............

                        Signature # 2 is Goering.
                        #3 is Schneider, one of the Stosstrupp bodyguards.
                        #8 is Maurice.
                        #9 is Karl Fiehler.

                        The 'Seydel' on the dedication page is Seydel-Dittmarsch...........later Himmler's adjutant, who had an SS unit named after him.


                          I'm sorry Robin, but you're wrong. It's Seidel-Dittmarsch.

                          The dedication page is:

                          Edmund Heines, Hans Hayn, Josef Seydel and Friedrich Ritter von Kraußer.


                            Very nice grouping Bob H. I find it interesting to see that the Badges are quite small in diameter. Also nice of the dealer to work with you, have you two Bob's found anyother collectors with the same badges yet?

                            nice and rare groupings guys!



                              After the Maurice grouping, we now have another thread where my jaw has hit the floor upon viewing the images.

                              So there will be another dental bill to get my jaw re-wired tomorrow, but it was well worth it.

                              That was wonderful and many thanks for making my day



                                I'm not a political collector but I'm always in awe when I see that grouping. I offered to post negative images of the signatures for Bob. They might help the members recognize them a little better. I apologize if I've posted signatures that have been identified already.WR Jim

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