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    wim. your inbox is full.


      bob. can you pm me re: embroidery?


        Originally posted by echoe View Post
        wim. your inbox is full.
        there are only four messages.


          with an order from July 1, 1939 (FO 2b 13735) the form of embroidery was changed from Kurbel into Plattstich
          (Nr. 86 Änderung der Abzeichen: nicht mehr in Kettenstich nur Plattstich). Note Kurbel and Ketten is the same.

          Schützenstandarten officially had the letter S included. But with the mentioned order this disappeared.
          I am looking for the best samples for showing the difference between Kurbel and Platt. Kurbel I do enclose,
          Platt has to wait. I will return the subject. The earlier shown embroidery is not Plattstich, but the one or the
          other manufacturer may have misinterpreted the orders. Maybe the real expert, Laurens, will give us his

          eelk 001.jpg



            I believe the tab is authentic, although I agree that the lettering is odd the least. This Standarte is a mistery to me for many years. Arround '35 this Standarte changed form a foot-Standarte to a Schutzen-Standarten, and so the green lettering is correct. Why they don't use the proper 'S', as Wim stated is a mistery to me.

            The only thing that bothers me is the lack of piping. The Plattstich was used arround the war, and tabs should be piped by then.



              Maybe there is a slight chance the embroidery is correct.
              Since early 1941 new materials had to be used for the embroidery
              of collar-patches for Jäger and Schützen. It is possible the "view" of
              it was different.
              This is mentioned in the Mitteilungsblatt der RZM from February 1941.

              The letter S disappeared with the new orders from 1939. And yes, the
              patch lacks a piping.

              The first is Kurbel or Kettenstich (variations of this style are possible);
              the second and third is Plattstich:

              Acquisitioins_004 - kopie.jpgIMG_0034 - kopie.jpg DSC00139a (003)lh - kopie.jpg


                Thanks guys for all the input and clarification.
                Much appreciated
                Life is like a dream once you know it it's gone !!!!!


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