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Please help with Gebr. Hepp creamer

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    Please help with Gebr. Hepp creamer

    Greetings all,

    This is my first official post on the WAF I've been lurking on here for years but never posted as my collection is about 98% US. One of the German items I've ended up with is this little cream pitcher made by Gebr. Hepp. I assume it is something used at a hotel but what I can't figure out is the logo. It looks like a faint Prussian eagle in a globe. Does that ring any bells with anyone? I've tried to figure it out for quite a while with no luck and figured I'd consult the experts here on the forum.

    I would be extremely grateful for any assistance with this item.


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    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for your first posting! Does this pitcher have any history or provenance with it? Why do you believe it to be German?

    WELCOME! It's good to have you here! Cheers,

    Br. James


      Br. James,

      You'll have to forgive my limited knowledge. I was under the impression that Gebr. Hepp was a German manufacturer of silver items for German hotels, etc? I have a piece from Der Deutsche Hof that is also marked Gebr. Hepp. As for provenance, it did come from the estate of the widow of a WWII veteran but I have no information on his service. I suppose it may not be German at all

      Thanks for your warm welcome



        I think this could help:



          You can order this creamer still today, it seems nearly the same as yours.:




            Thank you for the links. I have been able to find similar creamers but none with the same logo stamped on it. I'm curious to find out what hotel or organization it might represent. I'm hoping someone has seen it before.

            Thanks again



              It looks like the earlier Tyorlean eagle (without crown, etc.). The blazon of this company logo (?) would be something like:

              "Upon a Terrestrial Sphere Proper an Eagle Displayed."

              No tinctures can be inferred from the repousse design, but normally a globe is colored "proper" [meaning true colors] and rendered as argent [white] with its meridian and latitude lines sable [black]. In this case, and presuming a Tyrolean eagle:

              Upon a Terrestrial Sphere Proper an Eagle Displayed Gules.
              [On a white globe with black latitudinal and longitudinal lines, a red spread eagle.]

              I could not find anything on Google Image.

              Perhaps a transportation company or hotel ... something that would involve global connections?

              -- Guy
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