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    Arm shield

    I was looking in a box tonight of stuff that I forgot about, I think this is a fake but don't know anything about it,,any help with it would be great, thank you for your help.


    As I understand it, these were worn by non uniformed officials of the border/customs office. They were sewn down to an armband and functioned much like a police service disc as carried by detectives and GestaPo officials.

    This isn't my field of interest, so I may have some details wrong.

    W. Unland


      As Mr. Unland stated, these were attached to armbands to be worn on the left sleeve of border/customs officials. I'll include a photo of one on an armband for reference that recently sold on The Collector's Guild.

      While I am not well versed enough in these disks to vouch for the authenticity of your example, the number stamping does appear to match one currently for sale on The Collector's Guild. That disk is for sale individually and not attached to an armband. Your example seems to have no wear at all, which does make me feel a little uneasy about it but that's just an uneducated gut feeling.

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        Disc seems like a nice original to me. As others said could have been attached to an armband at some point. Note there are 2 different versions of this disc which can be seen in the 2 attached armbands from my collection.
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        Looking for armbands.


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