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    Signature Identification


    Hoping someone can help identify the following signatures. I have picked up a large collection of documents and have been slowly moving through them identifying the signatures. For those of you who know me, my main emphasis is Knights Cross signatures.

    I am posting these two for starters.

    The KvK doc is signed by Generalmajor and Kommandeur of the 339th Infantry Division. According to my research, it should be Generalleutnant Kurt Pflugradt. The fellow I got this from identified it as being signed by Alexander v Daniels, but does not look like it to me and have no example to compare it to.

    The EK II document

    Gren.rgt.96 was part of the 32nd Division, according to my research it was under the command of Generalleutnant Hans Boekh-Behrens. The fellow I obtained it from identified it being signed by Siegfried Rein ? Again nothing to compare.

    Thanks for looking !
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    Hello !

    Those are two interesting documents and also interesting questions connected to the signatures.
    I cannot help on the signatures themselves.

    For the second doc, for the soldier of III./Gren.Rgt. 96, I completely agree with your research, and there
    might be an explanation for the signature from a different division.

    For the document related to IR 692 :
    From the sources I found, the first Kdr. of 339. ID, Gen.Lt. Georg Hewelke, fell (or died) in Jan. 1942.
    Gm./GL Pflugradt took over on 18.4. or 22.4.42, so there might be a gap, if those dates are correct.
    (then there might be an explanation for a different signature as well, but this should be more complicated.)

    But before going deeper into any speculations, it would great, if some of the signature experts could confirm
    (or falsify) who signed.

    Best regards,



      Signature Identification

      Thanks for the info Archi ! Yes, a small mystery. I have a few more that I will post and hopefully a couple can be solved .



        With regards to the signature on the KvK citation it isn't that of Alexander Edler von Daniels as the D in his signature was much bigger and a little bit more extravagant. Unfortunately I can not figure out who it does belong to.

        And for the EK citation, there appears to be a 9 at the end of the digits in the stamp and Siegfried Rein commanded 69.Infanterie-Division in February 1944 so it might be that III/Gren.Rgt 96 was attached to 69.ID for a period of time.
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        Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain


          Thanks for the information regarding Daniels,

          In reference to the 69th Division, here is what I found as far as its composition in 1944

          <big>69. Infanterie-Division 1944:</big>
          Grenadier-Regiment 157
          Grenadier-Regiment 159
          Grenadier-Regiment 236
          Divisions-Füsilier-Bataillon 69
          Artillerie-Regiment 169
          Pionier-Bataillon 169
          Panzerjäger-Abteilung 169
          Infanterie-Divisions-Nachrichten-Abteilung 169
          Kommandeur der Infanterie-Divisions-Nachschubtruppen 169

          Gren.Rgt.96 is not listed as part of the Division, unless you have another source ? but Rein is listed as the Commander, sorry reread your post and " might have been attached for a period of time.

          1. Februar 1944 Generalleutnant Sigfried Rein


            Here are two more, again maybe temporary commanders as I cannot match up or decipher these names or ranks to the units ?
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              The first one is Werner von Eichstedt who commanded Infanterie-Regiment 436.

              Second one is Otto Kohlemann.
              Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain


                Signature Identification

                Wow !

                Thanks, that was quick !! How did you determine that? I thought I had access to good reference but ......

                Thanks again


                  Originally posted by Bill Hughes View Post
                  Wow !

                  Thanks, that was quick !! How did you determine that? I thought I had access to good reference but ......

                  Thanks again
                  It's magic!
                  Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain


                    unknown signatures

                    Here are another two,

                    The 42 dated award, I believe is signed by Lüttwitz, Smilo Freiherr von

                    The other ?? Gren. Rgt 446 was part of the 134th Infantry Division which was destroyed June 1944 on the Russian Front. I don't see this unit being reconstituted anywhere ?

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                      Signature looks like Linnarz. Give me a shout Bill, when you've got a chance.


                        Thanks Vince,

                        Will do


                          Yep, agree with both there - the first is L♀ttwitz and the second is Viktor Linnarz at OKH.
                          Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please. - Mark Twain


                            Hello Bill and Hucks !

                            Originally Posted by Bill Hughes
                            Wow !
                            Thanks, that was quick !! How did you determine that? I thought I had access to good reference but ......
                            Thanks again
                            It's magic!
                            @Hucks216 :
                            I would think, to many of us it often looks like magic !
                            As almost all signatures are now identified (except the one from IR 692 /339. ID) there still remain some questions,
                            why someone unexpected signed.

                            - EK 2, III./GrenRgt. 96 :
                            This is a case, were an infantry unit of one division was "lend" to another division, because of the difficult circumstances.
                            Here we have confirmation from the divisional history (see 1st scan) :
                            The divisional history of 32. ID confirms, that elements of GR 96 were sent to support other divisions several times in
                            early 1944 and that the III./GR 96 had suffered a lot of losses from this (only 2 officers were left in the battalion in March) .
                            => The 69. ID was in that same area in Feb./March 1944.
                            Another recent example :

                            - EK 2, signed by Genlt. Linnarz, at that time stelv. Chef HPA.
                            I assume, this has been done, because the parent division 134. ID itself was destroyed in June 44 and never rebuild ?!

                            3.) EK 2, 3./MG-Btl. 9
                            For me, this is the most interesting doc ! Lots of info available, but still not enough to clarify the reason for that signature.

                            On January 28th, 1942, the Red Army started a major attack in the area of Issjum, ~80km SE of Charkow.
                            To stop that advance, a "Stossgruppe von Mackensen" (basically HQ III. AK. + some subordinated units) was sent to that area.
                            In February, it did control several battlegroups (also designated (Stoss-)gruppen), all of which were temporary formations,
                            put together from elements of many different units.

                            From those battlegroups, relevant for this doc are (Stoss-) Gruppe Hube and Kohlermann.
                            Oberst Kohlermann had been Kdr. Art.Rgt. 4 (14.Pz.Div.) from Dec. 1940 - Jan. 1942. Then he became CO of Art.Kdr. 129,
                            a type of HQ organizing artillery support at corps or army level. (In 1941/42 it was attached to 1. Pz.Armee.)
                            These Arko HQs were quite often used for this tasks or as described here in a little more detail (battlegroup led by Kdr. Arko 3,
                            Oberst Werner Kampfhenkel) :

                            - Gruppe Kohlermann in the beginning consisted of Panzer-Abteilung 60 (Kdr. Maj. Müller) and from scraped together men from
                            Bau-Btls. and other rearward units (any more details would be welcome !).

                            - Gruppe Hube (led by Kdr. of 16.(!) Pz.Div.) consisted of the bulk of 14. Pz.Div. (w/o tanks !) and elements of other divisions.
                            On the 22.2.1942, MG-Btl. 9 was attached to KGr. Schlieben, which was part of Gruppe Hube (see AHF link).

                            So there are the following questions, connected to the circumstances, when this award doc was issued :
                            - Why was Gm. Hube (Kdr. 16. PzDiv.) put in command of a battlegroup, consisting of the bulk of 14. Pz.Div. ?
                            Why not Gm. Kühn ?!
                            - Why did Oberst Kohlermann sign as "Führer der 14. Panzerdiv." ? (essentially temporarily replacing the already "replacement CO" ?!)
                            (Both, Gruppe Kohlermann and Gruppe Hube existed independently until some time in March 42.)

                            This type of questions had puzzled also others, but this doc makes it even more difficult to understand :

                            Final remark : Oberst Kohlermann was awarded the RK on 22.2.42. I would assume that this was related to those battles in the Isjum area.
                            In that case, this would be an award document to a soldier, signed by a holder of the Knightscross, where both awards were for
                            participating in the same battle.
                            Quite interesting I think !

                            Best regards,

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                              unknown signatures

                              Many thanks Archi !!

                              Your detailed analysis is very impressive

                              Regarding your reference

                              The divisional history of 32. ID confirms, is this from your personal library or is this available on line ?

                              My next question was where did you find the information on From those battlegroups, relevant for this doc are (Stoss-) Gruppe Hube and Kohlermann.

                              I followed your last link to the Axis Forum
                              Commanding officer of 14. Panzer, January – March 1942.

                              and under the breakdown of Gruppe Hube the contributor referenced his reference material

                              Tessin, Georg: Verbände und Truppen der deutschen Wehrmacht und Waffen-SS im Zweiten Weltkrieg 1939-1945, Band 17 (Register der Namensverbände; ff), bearbeitet auf Grund der Unterlagen des Bundesarchiv-Militärarchivs von Brün Meyer, Biblio Verlag, Bissendorf 2002
                              page 106

                              I was shocked as I thought the set I had was complete, having up to Vol 15.

                              I will have to look into this.

                              Unfortunately I have to run out to work, but again thank you for your detailed work. This is what makes this hobby so enjoyable!!!!



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