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    Hitler the Rider

    Another thread recently mentioned Hitler's piano playing, based on claims by Henrietta Hoffmann - Shirach, and some sketch anecdotes about his having taken lessons for just 3 months in 1906 until his mother's need for cancer surgery necessitated he and his sister Paula cutting as many expenses as possible, including the piano lessons.

    Now there's this story about "Hitler's horse", simply because an American soldier found a saddle with Hitler's name on it. It started me thinking- I don't recall *ever* having seen a picture of Hitler riding a horse. Does anybody have more information? Was he as averse to horse riding as he was to cigarette smoking?



      Only gentlemen ride horses!


        I think most of us would agree it's a typical G.I. fable, but at its root based on some kind of mis-assumption by a soldier.

        One possibility:
        The 'story' accompanying the photo says that the saddle was found in a stable of horses near 'Hitler's mansion'.

        The only 'Hitler's mansion' most of us can think of was at Obersalzberg.

        Obersalzberg seems to be on the known route that this soldier's unit took.

        There are several references that say that when Obersalzberg was expanded to include administration buildings, a post office, SS barracks, etc., it also included... horse stables (though information on those stables is pretty much impossible to find).

        One reference even refers to an SS Horse Farm at Obersalzberg...although I'm skeptical about that.

        Apparently Bormann had farms on Obersalzberg where the later U.S. Army Ski area was located which included all kinds of animals including horses... so that's a possibility.

        Since the SS unit assigned to the Obersalzberg for guard duty was part of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, it stands to reason that any horse saddles they might have had, could have featured their unit name, just like their cuff sleeves said Adolf Hitler on it.

        The last step then, could have been when a lowly American soldier discovered a saddle with 'Adolf Hitler' on it in the vicinity of the Berghof, he could easily have misconstrued that the nearest horse was 'Hitler's Horse'. At least it made for the whimsical photo, just like soldiers liked to pose in front of Nazi monuments holding a comb over their top lip and making a Hitler salute--- they were just joking around.

        Of course surviving relatives now tell the story as if every detail is gospel truth, like the part about the other soldiers wanting to shoot all the horses, but their relative intervened and saved them. In another generation or two they'll have Hitler being an accomplished equestrian rider.

        A more accurate conclusion might have been that this might have been 'Hitler's guard's horse'- but even that is a bit of a stretch.
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          To my knowledge, the only time Hitler was ever pictured on horseback was in the famous, though defaced (literally), heroic painting "The Flag Bearer" by Hubert Lanzinger, where he is mythically depicted in full medieval battle armor!

          Br. James


            Originally posted by Br. James View Post
            To my knowledge, the only time Hitler was ever pictured on horseback was in the famous, though defaced (literally), heroic painting "The Flag Bearer" by Hubert Lanzinger, where he is mythically depicted in full medieval battle armor!

            Br. James
            I have Hoffmann's color postcard of that Lanzinger painting.

            Here'a an article revealing the true horse that belonged to Hitler.
            But there's also some evidence that Hitler never owned this race horse, and publicly denounced horse racing as a sport of rich Jews.

            One can only imagine Hitler wanting to take his new acquisition out for a spin.

            Here's an undoctored photo of Göring demonstrating the proper technique for Hitler at his home at Karinhall.

            Of course this Hoffmann postcard of mine suggests that Hitler wasn't exactly afraid of horses- maybe he just wasn't that keen about riding one.

            Here's a propaganda cartoon by Arthur Szyk, apparently before the Germans turned on the Russkies.

            There are legitimate photographs of Mussolini and Hirohito on horses. Not sure about Stalin.

            ...and of course we have to shoot down this rumor before it even gets started!

            ...but who is to say about reincarnation. One never knows who might be chewing on some oats in the barn.
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              Uncle Adolf


              Nice info, interesting thread !!



                Yes, very interesting, Randy, especially your noting that "there's also some evidence that Hitler...publicly denounced horse racing as a sport of rich Jews." This would have surely come as a surprise to Pg. Christian Weber, one of the earliest of the Altekampfers, considering that Weber was Inspector of the SS Riding Schools; President of the League of German Stable Owners; and President, promoter and organizer of the Committee for the Brown Ribbon of Germany, the internationally-organized horse-race which took place from 1934 to 1944 at the Riem Race Course in Munich. There were also official postage stamps issued which commemorated the annual running of the Brown Ribbon. If Hitler was actually anti-horse-racing, it's hard to believe that these national events could have come to such prominence!

                Br. James


                  Here is the Hoffmann postcard of the Lanzinger painting that depicts Hitler on horseback. Most likely Hitler did not pose for the painting so we can't say for sure if this was his horse!
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                    Br. James mentioned the stamps issued for the Brown Ribbon race. Stamps were also issued for the Hamburg Derby race held in Hamburg.

                    Shown here are the 2 printed to private order postcards which were produced showing the 1937 postage stamp depicting the race.

                    There were 9 of the 6 Rpf postcard and 6 of the 5 Rpf card printed. Fewer are known to exist. Rare items.

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                      Here is the defaced Lanzinger painting.
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