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Please read before checking Feldpost numbers.

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    Please read before checking Feldpost numbers.

    Fieldpost Numbers

    Enter the number you're researching into the field "oder Nummer eines Nummernstempels"

    Don't include any letters

    If your number begins with a 0 and you get no result, try leaving off the 0.

    If possible please indicate a date or year when searching for Feldpost numbers (FP Nr.) as many of these numbers were in use by different units during the war.
    The unit might be given a new number when reorganised, allocated to a new unit if destroyed etc.

    For example:

    FP Nr. 25074

    (Mobilisation-1.1.1940) 12 Kompanie, Infanterie Regiment 203
    (2.1.1940-27.4.1940) cancelled and became Fp.Nr. 27077 E
    (28.4.1940-14.9.1940) Truppenübungs Kommandantur Coetquidan AOK 6
    (19.7.1941-14.2.1942) Truppenübungsplatz Kommandantur Coetqidan
    (31.7.1942-9.2.1943) cancelled and became Fp.Nr. 20 275 G
    (24.8.1943-5.4.1944) 15.9.1943 1 kleine Kraftwagen Kolonne Infanterie Divisions Kolonne 392 (Kroat.)
    (24.8.1943-5.4.1944) 15.3.1944 1 kleine Kraftwagen Kolonne Infanterie Divisions Nachschub-Trupp 392 (Kroat.)

    Other details to note:

    Some FP Nr. had prefixes:
    M - Marine.....Kriegsmarine
    L - Luftwaffe.

    and many had suffixes:

    A - Stab (Battalion), I., II. etc.
    B - 1 Kp. (5 in II. Btl., 9 Kp. in III.)
    C - 2 Kp. (6 in II. Btl. 10 Kp. for III. and so on)
    D - 3 Kp.
    E - 4 Kp.

    Further suffixes could be used if the Battalion had more Companies...for example Gebirgsjäger units normally had 5 companies per Battalion.

    F - 5 Kp.

    For Sammlung (or collection) Feldpost any suffix could be used as these normally identified units in a particular town...A-Z could be used..if more than that then AA-ZZ.

    For example:

    Sammel Feldpostnummer 01402 (Lille)

    A Abwehr-Nebenstelle Lille, cancelled and became Fp.Nr. 00003, 4.10.1943 Ortskommandantur (B) 715, 28.2.1944 Ortskommandantur (B) 715 u. Feldgendarmerie-Trupp 809, 15.11.1944 Ortskommandantur (B) 715, cancelled 25.11.1944.
    B Ortskommandantur (I) 914, cancelled 1943.
    C Feldnachrichten-Kommandantur 24, cancelled 12.10.1944.
    D H.Verpflegungs-Dienststelle 680 u. 681, cancelled 7.11.1944.
    CF 28.8.1944 Baunachschublager der Luftwaffe Lille, cancelled 20.3.1945.
    CG 28.8.1944 Bezirks-Bauleitung der Luftwaffe Lille, cancelled 20.3.1945.
    CT 25.8.1944 Einsatzgruppe West Eisenbahneinsatz, cancelled 1.11.1944.

    Other suffixes that could be used on Stab (Staff)
    R - Regiments Stab - Regiments Staff
    N - Nachrichten Zug - Signals platoon

    Another thing to note is that FP Nr. were normally in the range 00001-68099 and 80002-87919.

    Regards, Ian
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    Collecting interests: Cavalry units, 1 Kavallerie/24 Panzer Division, Stukageschwader 1

    Feldpostnummern 101 (3 semester credit hours)

    (25.9.1940-15.2.1941) 5. Batterie Reserve-Flak-Abteilung 525,
    (31.7.1942-9.2.1943) 5. Batterie gemischte Flak-Abteilung 525,
    dann 10.Batterie Flak-Regiment 52,
    (10.2.1943-23.8.1943) gestrichen (Tunis),
    (6.4.1944-9.11.1944) 5.6.1944 Stab u. 1.-3. Kompanie Bataillon
    15.8.1944 gestrichen.

    (1) This is the date FpN 23955 first used. It was assigned (given) to this unit between the two dated shown.

    (2) This next entry is for a change in that unit's designation. Between the two dates shown, it was changed from a Reserve to a gemischte Abteilung. Then, between those same two dates, it was re-designated again to 10./Flak-Rgt. 52.

    (3) This tells you that between these two dates 10./Flak-Rgt. 52 was deleted from the Feldpostübersicht (the Field Postal Directory). Here, they help you a bit by telling you that the unit was either destroyed or captured in Tunisia, probably on 10 May 1943 with the general surrender of German forces there.

    (4) Now here is the interesting one. At the beginning of the war, the rule was that a Feldpostnummer had to remain dormant (unused) for 9 to 12 months before it could be reissued to another unit. As the war progressed to mid-1942 and beyond, this time requirement was gradually reduced to around 6 months by 1945. In this case, FpN 23955 lay dormant from 10 May 1943 to 5 June 1944 before it was reissued to the unit shown. That unit, Bataillon Kathe, was then deleted from the FpÜ on 15 August 1944, but no clue to the reason is given, except that we know it was disbanded and the personnel reassigned. After 15 August 1944, FpN 23955 lay dormant again and was never reissued before the war came to an end.

    I should note here that the issuing of Feldpostnummern was the exclusive responsibility of and closely managed by the Heeresfeldpostmeister for all branches of the Wehrmacht and its auxiliary forces. The Organisationsabteilung of the Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen-SS, SS, Org. Todt, NSKK, Polizei, etc., would issued orders for the formation of a unit. A copy of those orders would then be send to the Heeresfeldpostmeister with a request that a Feldpostnummer be assigned to that unit. The exact date of a unit's order for formation and the date its Feldpostnumber was assigned were usually 1 to 4 weeks apart, e.g., the formation order would be dated 1 July and the Feldpostnummer would be assigned and entered in the FpÜ on 12 July, for example.

    Any questions?


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