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    Here are a few names:

    Nachtjäger in Silber Hauptmann Fladrich,Kurt 12.April 1945
    Nachtjäger in Bronze Oberleutnant Fladrich,Kurt 13.November 1942

    Kampfflieger in Gold Unteroffizier Qualo,Gerhard 16.Juni 1943
    Kampfflieger in Gold Leutnant Schmetz,Heinrich 25.Mai 1941
    Kampfflieger in Silber Feldwebel Stolte,Willi 26.Juli 1941

    Ehrenpokal der Luftwaffe Unteroffizier Qualo,Gerhard 12.Dezember 1943

    Schlachtflieger in Gold Oberleutnant Holzhauer,Gerhard 14.Juli 1944

    Transportfliegr in Gold Feldwebel Pfau,Jürgen 31.Januar 1944

    Aufklärer in Gold Oberleutnant Hermann,Herbert 5.März 1943

    Deutsches Kreuz in Gold Urk. Oberfeldwebel (Lw.) Meyer,Rudi 14.November 1943

    Narvikschild Oberfeldwebel (Lw.) Cramer,Walter 30.Januar 1942

    Ärmelband Kreta Oberleutnant (Lw.) Schmetz,Heinrich 24.November 1943

    Tagjäger in Gold Oberleutnant Prestele,Ignaz 16.Mai 1941

    Spanienkreuz in Gold Unteroffizier (Lw.) Wölber,Herbert 6.Juni 1939

    Ritterkreuz-Besitzzeugnis Obergefreiter (Heer) Hoffmann,Albert 8. April 1943

    Deutsches Kreuz in Silber Urk. Generaloberst (Heer) Blaskowitz,Albert 30.Oktober 1943

    These are only a few names.......


      And one more :-)
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        I have some concerns with the DKiS doc above. IMO, for the Formal Document in Silver, the recipients name and rank should be printed in the red/brownie ink as it is for the DKiG. Also I'm not totally comfortable with the Keitel signature.

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        In memory of my Uncle,
        Schtz.Grenadier KARL HOFBAUER,
        2 Kompanie, Inf-Bat, 550.
        Killed in action, Krasnoje, Minsk, 7. Nov. 1942.


          I have had DKig documents with similar print type and this General did have the DKis. With this quantity you will possibly have a fake or two that has gotten into the collection but still the price sounds ok for the quality.


            From the docs you posted already not including the list a very rough idea of close to 20 000 euro .

            It's a hefty investment but if the quality is consitent throught i could be a good one.

            I think you made a typo on the narvik, it should by 30 jan 41 not 42 which would be far too late for any narvik award.
            Collecting German award documents, other paperwork and photos relating to Norway and Finland.


              Anyone who knows what happened here?
              Did chrisson buy the documents?
              Why has he been expelled?


                Not sure whatever happened, but I have seen these documents for sale in various places in recent years. I'm guessing the collection was split up - one of them came to live with me in New York.
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