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Strange unit ?

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    Strange unit ?

    Can you help with identification of unit, please?

    Always interested in medal bars with EK2 from ww2! Please, offer!
    Iron crosses, dog tags, solo EK2 documents and medal bars collector.

    I read the units as:

    5. Kompanie, II. Bataillon, Infanterie Regiment 1


    12. Kompanie, III. Bataillon, Infanterie Regiment 12

    I have no idea why two units are mentioned



      Can you show a larger image of the unit stamp?

      I would read the same as naxos, however Infanterie or Schützen is unclear. With that said it could be that 5/II/1 became or was the former 12/III/ problem is....who signed it and what Division?

      Work that out and we will be nearer the answer.

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      Collecting interests: Cavalry units, 1 Kavallerie/24 Panzer Division, Stukageschwader 1


        I'm struggling to see any connection between IR 12 and IR 1, either organisationally or geographically.

        If it is possible to read the fp number on the stamp it will tell us what's going on
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          I fail to see a logical connection between IR1 and IR12 as well. I wonder what the stamp on the document says. Both Regiment's had to give their III.Bataillon away in 1940, but to other units. They both made a new III. Bataillon. IR1 dismantled its III. Bataillon completely in May 1942 (and added it again in Nov.1944). IR12 dismantled its II. Bataillon at some date in 1942.

          I do have another idea. During Oktober 1941 IR12 had heavy battles in the Belew area. Perhaps they used (part?) of the III. Bataillon to feed the II. Bataillon? This happened often. I suspect that the person who made this document made a small mistake. I think that it should be only IR12. Therefore i read this document as that this soldier was in 5.Kompanie, II.Bataillon of IR12, while he was previously part of 12.Kompanie from III. Bataillon, IR12. Perhaps the soldier did his deeds to earn the EKII while in III. Bataillon but received the EKII on a later date, while he was part of II. Bataillon ?
          I'm collecting anything related to the towns Castricum and Bakkum during WWII.
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