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    Always interested in medal bars with EK2 from ww2! Please, offer!
    Iron crosses, dog tags, solo EK2 documents and medal bars collector.


      Super quality badge from a great estate !
      Well done

      Kind regards Chay
      Interested in collecting historical objects in a gentlemanly fashion
      100% Christian :)))
      [email protected]


        Very nice & unusual J1 Pilot NS! First one I see with the pupil and a "bushy brow" enhancements.
        Not representative of the "run of the mill" production version but the sky was the limit on these hand enhanced ones depending on the craftsman

        Great stuff!



          Outstanding J1 Jelle.

          The German Luftwaffe Pilot and Combined Pilot and Observer Badges of WWII 1933-1945
          Volume I & Volume II


          Now Available
          [email protected]


            Beautiful case, and bird. A great eye for quality, Jelle!


              Thanks Doug

              This badge comes from the estate of Hauptmann Karl Palliardi, born in Austria 1917.
              Palliardi studied 'Automobil und flugzeugtechnik' and was one of the very first pioneers in the development of the glider plane. He and his fellow students build several prototypes of the glider plane. As the war came close, Palliardi joined the newly formed Luftwaffe and always flew the JU88. Palliardi became a member of KG54 'Totenkopf' division. He was the whole war active with the division switching between the several gruppes. Palliardi was active on the eastern front, battle of Britain, operation Fall Gelb (where KG54 participated in the notorious bombing of Rotterdam) Nothern Africa, Malta and Italy. Palliardi was Gruppenkommandeur of II./KG 54 when they participated in the notorious raid on the Bari harbour on 2 December 1943. 105 JU88 A4 bombers from KG54 and KG76 sunk 28 ships causing almost 2000 casualties. He was gruppenkommandeur from 24 Oct 1943 - 25 Apr 1944

              During the war, Palliardi crashed three times. One time he was hit by flak fire over London. The hit caused instrument failure and his plane was badly damaged. Palliardi tried to return to his base in Holland but crashed in Schellingwoude due to fuel loss. The second time he crashed in the Mediterranean Sea 100km south of Iraklion, Kreta due to engine failure caused by an enemy fighter. The plane was lost in the sea together with the 'Schlauchboot' Palliardi and his crew floated for two days in there lifejackets but were unharmed. They were very lucky, as they were picked up by a German recon unit at sea after two days. The third accident happened in Tunis, where Palliardi was forced to make an emergency landing caused by losing a propeller.

              Hauptmann Karl Palliardi won the German cross in gold, ek1 and the different grades of the bomber clasp. He survived the war and was taken prisoner by the US army. He died in 2013, aged 96. According to his son he never talked much about the war and was withdrawn. He never steered a plane again after his military career. I was very lucky to get in touch with his son, who was very helpful in providing me all the information i needed. For me it's important to have an idea who he was.

              In attachement a picture of Karl Palliardi (left) and his friend Gerhard Molkentin , who was Gruppenkommandeur of 1./KG54. Photo taken in Italy 1944 where KG5
              4 was stationed that time. There are more pictures that his son sent me but this picture was the only one i could find on the net.
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                  Thanks Jelle for the story behind the badge, very interesting.


                    Amazing Bird mate!! thank you for sharing the wonderful Story also.
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                      Gorgeous early Juncker Jelle, beauty!

                      If it doesn't have a hinge and catch, I'm not interested......well, maybe a little

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                        Unlike the Soviet II WW badges, German Awards are anonymous. Such documentation has always been my dream, congratulations Jelle