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Luftwaffe close combat clasp question

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    Luftwaffe close combat clasp question

    Hello everybody

    I have some questions regarding the CCC of the Luftwaffe. First of all what date was is instituded? I have two dates: November 3rd 1944 and December 3rd 1944. Which date is correct?

    2nd question: After reading different books and after different statements from paratroopers who got the CCC they all have been handed out the one of the army. Well but was it possible that on the award doc for those CCC was written "Nahkampfspange der Luftwaffe"? Also what was the entry in the Soldbook? CCC of the Luftwaffe or CCC des Heeres"

    I ask because a friend of mine saw a private own paratrooper group whose father was a para and got the CCC der Luftwaffe. The trooper got the CCC des Heeres but on the citation was written CCC der Luftwaffe. So was this a common practice to hand out the Army CCC but the awards and the soldbook entry was CCC of the Luftwaffe?

    Thanks for any information.


    Strength and Honour

    Hi Jürg.

    I don't have it to hand at the moment but I have a Wehrpaß to "der Speiß" of Panzer Grenadier Regiment 1 “Hermann Göring”. The entry in the WP states "Nahkampfspange der Luftwaffe" but was awarded 20.9.1944 two months prior to the institution of the actual award...this being 3.11.1944.

    There is no doubt that he received the award however at the time of issue he must have received the Heer version and the clerk either noted it as the Lw version or he exchanged it for this at a later date! The same award is also mentioned in his Bundeswehr Wehrpaß.

    Unfortunately I do not have any photos of him wearing this award....I will post scans tomorrow of this one....

    I do also have a Soldbuch to a member of Fallschirmjäger Regiment 15 who was awarded two CCC on the same day 18.4.1945, this entry reads "Nahkampfspange in Bronze und Silber"....Heer or Luftwaffe? Probably the latter?

    Again scan to follow tomorrow.

    Photos/images copyright © Ian Jewison collection

    Collecting interests: Cavalry units, 1 Kavallerie/24 Panzer Division, Stukageschwader 1


      Giday Jurg,

      I Know a former member of Fallschirmjäger Regiment 6 who was awarded the CCC der Luftwaffe. The award document together with the badge were forwarded to the Jäger's parents after he was captured in Normandy.

      Unfortunately, I understand that the award document was lost, but the Jäger still has the badge. The Jäger knows the difference between the Heere and Luftwaffe varieties, and has assured me that the badge he still owns is indeed a CCC der Luftwaffe.

      In answer to the question you have not asked, - no, I have never seen the badge or any photos of same.

      All the best,



        I have seen a few Luftwaffe Soldbuch entries where it is entered as as "Nahkampfspange der LW".
        Here is a similar Soldbuch entry but this time for (entry #6) "Panzerkampfabzeichen der LW" as well as a pic of the same vets awards (FJ?) that he currently has in his possesion.
        I cannot comment either way on the authenticity of any of these pictured awards but you will notice that the CCC is of the LW variety.

        (I got these 2 pics from a website but cannot remember which one - my sincere apologies if this is not okay and I will remove them if required. Does anybody know anthing more about them?)


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