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Cloth Destroyer on E-Stand

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    Originally posted by John Robinson View Post
    Reviewing is fine, studying is fine, however unsubstantiated timeline conclusions falls outside of such commendable research.
    "No animals were harmed in the making of this movie."

    I mean. No timeline conclusions were suggested in the making of this thread.

    That's a good point about the sorts of uniforms carrying the cloth badges. The U-Boat patch in "Torpedo Los" is on an officer's tunic but that could very well be a bullion badge (impossible to tell).

    As for Martin's photo of the Destroyer patch, it's not on coveralls but it is on a shirt -- maybe a working uniform like you said?

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      Nice photo. I think we could see some of these patches on the blues/whites of course, and this photo indicates that. I just think it is possible patches went on coveralls, but I might be wrong with that and nothing was on the coveralls.

      I am only suggesting that many more might have been worn for some period of time, but it is equally possible no patches were worn on coveralls and they were only worn on walking out uniforms.



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