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Database Threads for Kriegsmarine War Badges

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    Database Threads for Kriegsmarine War Badges

    The following links provide a database listing the manufacturers of each type of Kriegsmarine War Badge with examples for reference. If you would like to post any images or corrections in these threads, please do so.

    Note: In the following lists, when a stated manufacturer for an unmarked badge is based upon circumstantial evidence it is designated as " - attributed - ".

    U-Boat Badge (Ubootskriegsabzeichen) instituted October 13, 1939 and the U-Boat Clasp (U-Bootsfrontspange) instituted May 15, 1944:
    List of U-boat Badge/Clasp Manufacturers

    Destroyer Badge (Zerstörerkriegsabzeichen) instituted June 4, 1940:
    List of Destroyer Badge Manufacturers

    Minesweeper Badge (Kriegsabzeichen für Minensuch- Ubootsjagd- und Sicherungsverbände) instituted August 31, 1940:
    List of Minesweeper Badge Manufacturers

    Blockade Breaker Badge (Abzeichen für Blokadebrecher) instituted April 1, 1941 for civilians, authorized for military personnel December 5, 1942:
    List of Blockade Breaker Badge Manufacturers

    Auxiliary Cruiser Badge (Kriegsabzeichen für Hilfskreuzer) instituted April 24, 1941:
    List of Auxiliary Cruiser Badge Manufacturers

    High Seas Fleet Badge (Flotten-Kriegsabzeichen) instituted April 30, 1941:
    List of Fleet Badge Manufacturers

    S-boat Badge (Schnellboots-Kriegsabzeichen) instituted May 30, 1941, 2nd pattern introduced January, 1943:
    List of S-Boat Badge Manufacturers

    Coastal Artillery Badge (Kriegsabzeichen für die Marineartillerie) instituted June 24, 1941:
    List of Coastal Artillery Badge Manufacturers

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