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Photos of FJ officer with 14 LW Feld Div in Norway

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    Photos of FJ officer with 14 LW Feld Div in Norway

    I recently got a nice photo album from the 14 LW Feld Div. in North Norway that includes a couple of photos of an FJ leutnant. Luckily one photo is of these officers standing next to an Fp number which identifies the unit as 3./LW Jäger Rgt.28. I believe the photos to have been taken in 1943 sometime.

    The photos are quite special in that after 1940 you simply don't see FJ in Norway anymore. All 3 officers here have seen front action, the Heer leutnant has dark, perhaps pionier black waffenfarbe, so i guess from a heer pionier unit in the area, which i know there was, building field defences and the like. The 2 LW officers both have the EKII, ostfront and WBB. My take on this is that we're looking at front experienced officers draughted in to the division in order to give it a sprinkling of experienced men. The division by the way never entered in to combat throughout it's existence and simply sat up in North Norway in the long thin stretch of the country between Trondheim and Narvik.

    Perhaps the FJ Lt was no longer fit enough for service with a frontline FJ unit after his wounding?

    In any case they are interesting photos showing that FJ could be found in some unexpected places.
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    Collecting German award documents, other paperwork and photos relating to Norway and Finland.

    Interesting, always wonder about German photos, did these guys survive the war and POW time!