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NEW FJ book : uniforms, Helmets, etc...

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    Hi buddies!

    Here's again with the second issue of the book previously publish in this thread!

    I’ll never thanks enough Willi Zahn and John Hodging for their invaluable and irreplaceable help, and the many friends (some members of the forum) who contributed to the realization of these two volumes!

    Most of you will already know these books, because they're available on the bookstores and online from several months. For now only in french and italian language, sorry!

    I hope you like them... or liked them!

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      Here's some sample from the 2nd volume!

      Another big thanks to Patrick as well, who help me every time I needed it!
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        Looks like I need to brush-up my French, as well. Great looking books !


          recommended books! great job beautiful photos
          "six italians, dressed in rather unusual diving suits and equipped with materials of laughably little cost have swung the military balance of power in the Mediterranean in favour of the Axis".


            Thanks Raf for your review!
            As I told for the book was used first-class material and was photographed by a professional photographer, with a quality we hardly see in today’s publications. Every uniform, jump suit, boots and equipment is pictured with lots close ups in which you can even see the texture of the fabric or leather.

            Moreover the book has been approached in different way, split the uniforms and the equipment for every period and theater of operations in which the FJ have fought in WW2.

            Write me a PM for the link where to buy them!

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              I confirm that the pictures are very well made
              The book is conceived to give an idea about how a german paratrooper looked like on a certain theatre in a particular period of the war (e.g. Poland 1939, Crete 1941 and so on) and the results are in my opinion very good
              Supporting the italian recovery mission in Kirov...




                Look forward in seeing a copy. Will it be available at Kassel this year?

                Preußens Gloria!


                Sapere aude


                  They are really interesting books, the material photographed, comes mostly from the Gothic line, and findings in Italy, the great quality of the photographs allows us to study the material in details, unique in their kind, they examine the German paratrooper at war, with the equipment and uniforms used in combat, in my opinion the value for money of the books is excellent.


                    Originally posted by Willi Z. View Post
                    Look forward in seeing a copy. Will it be available at Kassel this year?
                    Hallo, Willi!

                    I don't know if someone bring them in Kassel, but the french editor don't think will be there.



                      Thanks so much Ardito, glad you have apreciate the effort!
                      I think the "plus" of these books is just what you’ve highlighted, and it’s never done before: presenting different paratroopers in different war theaters, so appreciate the evolution of clothing in relation to eve and latitudes.


                        very very nice i will buy it!


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