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Parachute, what is it? Message drop? Fallschirmjager? German?

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    Parachute, what is it? Message drop? Fallschirmjager? German?

    This small parachute came with several wartime German flags.
    Does anyone know what it is or what was it used for?
    Is it even German? The markings on it look German with ecg in a rectangular box and BA 7105 in a hexagon.
    It is very bright yellow with red strips and it’s about the size of a small pilot chute used to pull out a main chute.
    Do to the bright colors, my guess is that it was used for message drops or emergency ration/food drops.
    I am posting it under Fallschirmjager because of the General knowledge of parachutes in this section. It may be something Luftwaffe or even something totally unrelated to WW2.
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