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Another Heeresflak Soldbuch

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    Another Heeresflak Soldbuch

    This is a second replacement, but being a Heeresfalk member I can not resist te impulse to buy it so ended in my humble collection.

    Being a second one a lot of info is lost but still one can learn a lot from it so here we go.

    Our man was Lorenz Siebert, born in Getsenkirchen on June 19th, 1.914. He was catholic, married and merchant of profession. His wife was Magot, maiden name Rane.

    When the war started he was given his dog tag number 26 by 3./Erg. Batl. I.R. 79. But this Soldbuch is number 8 and open by 3.(Fla)/Pz.Jg. Abt. 186 on August 8th, 1.944.

    Despite the lack of entries some of the help us to reconstruct his career:
    - Service prior Russia is unknown
    - He served with Fla Btl. (mot) 601 which was created on November 1st, 1.939 as Heerestruppen with 4 Batteries. During the French Campaign the unit was credited with 4 kills plus another 2 without confirmation for a cost of 3 K.I.A. and 33 W.I.A.
    - Beginning of Barbarossa it was assigned to Panzergruppe 4 Hoepner, XXXXI Panzerkorps
    - October 41 detached to 36 I.D.
    - November 41 to 5 Pz.Div.
    - This unit was disbanded on May 5th, 1.943 and his effective distributed among several PanzerjÄger Abteilungs (26, 35, 45, 156, 186, 195, 229 and 342)
    - He served with 3./Pz.Jäg. Abt 186 from 86 I.D. till it was destroyed and merged with PzJÄg.Abt 251 on November 3rd, 1.943 into Korps Abteilung E (formed with the rests of 86, 137 and 251 I.D.s)
    - On October 16th, 1.944 he was send to the new 3.(Fla)/Pz.Jäg. Abt. 251 where he served to end of the war.

    He was promoted several times, but I can only date his last two:
    - Feldwebel September 1st, 1.942 (Change of pay grade on page 18)
    - Oberfeldwebel December 1st, 1.944 by 3./Pz.Jäg. Abt 251 confirmed on the same date.

    Only one security check in his new book:
    - September 1st, 1.944 by 3.(Fla)/Pz.Jäg. Abt 186 Kr.St.Nr. 126

    He was wounded, but no detail recorded for his first one:
    - Reservelazarett Auma from February 1st, 1945 till February 6th, 1.945 for Muscle and joints disorders and was released to Ersatz Truppen also received 60 R.M. as Wehrsold from February 1st till 28th. Also received for this hospital depot some new uniforms and equipment the same day as he was discharged.
    Wounded again close the end he was interned again in an hospital where he saw the end of the war:
    - Reservelazarett Holzminden from April 7th till May 29th, 1.945 for shrapnel and was released, I suppose to a P.O.W. camp.

    During his service he received an impressive amount of decorations:
    - December 26th, 1.941, Iron Cross 2nd class by 5 Pz.Div.
    - August 5th, 1.942, Ostmedaille by Fla Batl. (mot) 601
    - August 8th, 1.944, Iron Cross 1st class by Korps Abt. E
    - August 23rd, 1.944, Wound Badge in Black by Pz.Jäg. Abt. 186
    - September 18th, 1.944, General Assault Badge by Pz.Jäg. Abt. 186
    - November 30th, 1.944, Heeresflakabzeichen by General des Heeres Flaktruppe.

    Not bad and, as always, any help, correction or new info is welcomed.

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    Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.

    Very nice and interesting Soldbuch.
    Ciao Oriano
    looking for Wehrpäße (and Soldbücher if in good conditions) around Rimini (Adriatic Gothic Line, Italy Sept-Oct 1944)


      I think he was born in Gelsenkirchen.

      His wife was Margot nee Raue.



        Thanks Gerdan and Mufasa.

        German you are right, city a typo mistake, maiden name I read it bad.

        Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.


          Hello Angel !

          Interesting Soldbuch with many awards and very well researched .
          Thanks for sharing !

          Some additional info that might be useful (all info from a book by Freter on these types of units) :
          Fla-Btl. 601 was equipped with 2cm Flak 30 (Sfl.), 12 of them in each company (see picture below).
          From autumn 1942 onward, these weapons started to be replaced with 2cm Flak 38.
          Due to beeing fully motorized, a large number of supply vehicles were necessary, and each
          company had a total of 64 vehicles.

          Regarding the places of action not already covered :
          In late January 1942, the Fla-Btl. 601 was fighting in the area of Gshatsk, while the 1. Kp. was
          sent to an area east SW of Wjasma, where it fought against Soviet Paratroopers.
          (and both connected to areas of combat of 5. Pz.Div.).

          End of May 42 until July, the Btl. was given tasks as shielding railroad stations, airfields and
          the motorway Gshatsk - Wjasma.

          End of July the Btl moved to the area of Dobraja, 50km SE of Wjasma. There it was subordinated
          to Flak-Rgt. 21 (mot) and the XII. AK.

          End of August it moved again, to the area of the 78. ID (XXXXVI. Pz.K.), N of Gshatsk. Here it
          stayed until March 1943, when it participated in the Büffel-Bewegung and fought rearguard actions.

          The decision to dissolve the Fla-Btls. 601 - 620 was already made in Nov. 1942, but the whole process
          took almost a year. Its not clear which part of Btl. 601 was reorganized into 3./Pzjg.Abt. 186,
          but a KGl. of the 86. ID mentions, that this company should be ready for action by 31.8.1943, so
          probably around that time.

          No further info on the later units.

          Best regards,

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