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      Because my first images posts were deleted by server, here again some Felddivision Sb.
      First are of a member of 16. Lw FD. The particularity is a couple of Soldbücher : one Lw given initialy and one Heer, given after the war, when the man was in a labour unit in Germany :

      After a training in a Ausb. Regt. in France, this man has spent about 1,5 year in airplace security units (Fliegerhorst Kp.) in Germany, before to join the Jäger Regiment 32 of 16. Lw Felddivision. This division was formed in Gross Born training camp during late 42, before to be sent to northern Holland coast (west of Amsterdam), subordinated to 88. AK.

      In march 43, this man received the famous Lw Tarnjacke/Tarnbluse and a Tarnnetz. But he received also a Fj. Hose. That one was confirmed at less until april 44, even when the division was in army. According to many photos (some were posted by W. Petz in a specific thread : see here and others pages : http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/foru...=76200&page=11), the perception of this model of pant seems not so rare in fact. Many FD soldiers have also received Feldgrau pants, as I have shown it with another Sb. of same division.

      As all the Lw Felddivision, 16. Lw FD. was taken over by the Army in beginning of november 43. Later, the division was reformed as the infantry division typ 44 with three infantery regiments with two batl. each, a Füs. Batl, and normaly an Artillerie Regiment with four Abt. (but not the 16. LFD. : see one previous post about member of Artillerie Regt. 16).
      Our man was then transferred from III./32 to II./46. Indeed, both third bataillons of the two regiments (31 and 32) were used to form the third one, like in all the others Felddivisionen.

      At the same time, the Ers. Truppe changed also : the Lw depot unit was replaced by an Heer one :

      In april 44, our man got the KvK II. Kl. from the hands of the Kommandeur, Generalleutnant K. Sievers.

      After D Day, 16. Lw FD is transferred to Normandy front during the second part of june. After 15 days of travel, she tooks place in north-eastern area of Caen (Epron - Colombelles - Escoville - Le Pré Baron). I./32 and II./46 are first in place, on 1st and of 2 july. Jg. Regt. 46 hold the right (eastern) wing of the division, at the contact with 346.ID.
      On 7. 07, his II. Bataillon is used as security troops ("Kerntruppe") in Caen but on 8. 07, the bataillon is attached to Kampfgruppe Rauch (21.Pz Division) to counter attack on northern of Caen, against british advance ("Charnwood" operation).

      On 9. 07, the II./46 and parts of the Kpfgr. Rauch fight in center town of Caen. On 12 july, the II./Jg. Regt. 46 help Jg. Regt. 32 in Colombelles against 51st scotish division :

      Main places of fights (in red) of Lw Jg. Regt. 46

      On 18. 07, the big british offensiv "Goodwood" brokes the lines of the 16. LFD. In one day, the unit is near completely anihilited. Chief of II./46, Hptm. Kraft, is taken prisoner on 18 or 19.07 near Emieville, eastern of Caen. He is then photographied in a POW cage :

      On 20. 07, fighters remants of the division are given to 21. Pz Divison or to 272.ID (Pz Jg. Abt.). Parts of artillery are given to 711.ID or to 16. Inf. Division reformed during summer 44 in south-western coast of France, while some services troops are also transferred to 16. Inf. Division.

      Our man joins also the 21. Pz Divison, as shows the FP Nr 56623 B (= 1./Pz Gren. Regt. 192) written on upper part of page 4 of his Soldbuch :

      So, he has continued the fighting with this armoured unit western of Caen, after end of july, and afterwards in Trun-Falaise area. He succeed to escape of Falaise pocket but was taken prisonner by the canadians of 2d Div. on 23 august 44, near Orbec, on the way to the Seine. Fortunatly for us, he has written the date of his capture on last cover page :

      Location of his capture area (in green) :

      At the end of the war, this soldier joined a german labor company working in Germany (Vlotho). At that occasion, he got a new WH Soldbuch (I don't know why), in dec. 45 ! Because of that, that document is rare, and also for his component (there are only six pages) :

      Last, some POW certificates :


        Very interesting Y-M, thanks for showing!
        Collecting interests: D-Day Soldbücher! 91 LL.Div, 709 Inf.Div., 716 Inf.Div., 352 Inf. Div. , 21 Pz. Div., FJR 6!


          Hello Luft 76 !

          A very interesting set of documents also many interesting details, you were able to discover.
          Excellent research and also a very nice presentation !
          The very late Soldbuch is also a great addition.

          Thanks for taking the time and sharing this !

          Best regards,



            Thank you both. Such details are in my opinion important.
            I will try soon to post again my two Jg. Regt. 34 posted here in the past and which images are off. And perhaps some others Sb. in the future...


              16e (L) felddivision Photo album, Vienna, France, Holland, Normandy

              No WP or SB but 16e felddivision related.

              Album of a Funker in Regimentsstab und Stabsbatterie Artillerie Regiment 16 (L). Feldpost number 12532 located between 1943 and 1944 in my home town Amstelveen, Gefechtsstand Parklaan.

              Complete album ending as a POW in Normandy, one of the lucky one concidering the destruction of the unit.

              This man was
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