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Reason for dismissal?

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    Reason for dismissal?

    Hello all,

    I have a question about a Wehrpass entry.

    "Auf Grund Luftgau Kdo. [= Luftgaukommando] XIV
    am 3.4.45 nach ärzticher Unter-
    suchung und Belehrung über
    Spionage, Sabotage, Landesverrat, Wahrung
    des Dienstgeheimnisses, Wehrüber-
    wachung, Fürsorge u. [= und] Versorgung,
    Heilbehandlung entlassen als
    Oberwachtmstr. [= Oberwachtmeister] nach Traben-
    Ärztl. [= Ärztliches] Entlassungsurteil: a.v. [= arbeitsverwendungsfähig]
    Ärztl. [= Ärztliche] Behandlung nicht erforderlich.
    O.U. [= Ortsunterkunft] ,den 3.4.45.
    Verwaltungslager 6/14
    Luftgaukommando XIV [signed]

    On the basis of Luftgaukommando XIV
    on 3.4.45 after medical examination and instruction on
    Espionage, sabotage, treason, preservation
    of trade secrecy, military
    surveillance, care and care,
    medicinal treatment dismissed as
    Oberwachtmeister to Traben-Trabach.
    Medical dismissal verdict: labour-related
    Dismissal able!
    Medical treatment is not required.
    Local accommodation ,the 3.4.45.
    Administrative camps 6/14
    Luftgaukommando XIV [signed]
    Chief of Staff.

    He was examined by a Doctor and received the espionage, sabotage etc etc lecture.

    His fitness classification is arbeitsverwendungsfähig = A.V (Fit for labour service in the army).

    His civilian occupation was baker (Bäcker), so I can’t see that being a reason for dismissal, eg being needed for essential war work. There is nothing noted about disability or injury in the Wehrpass.

    The last unit entry is (start date, with no finish date) 15/9/1944 - Luftgaukommando XII/XIII.

    So basically, I would like to know what the dismissal means and the possible reason behind it.

    Would this kind of dismissal have been a transfer of some kind, or the end of his war (possibly due to the date).


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    The war is ending, he got checked over by a doctor, given the basic "be careful" lecture and released from the military as a capable laborer is all that happened.


      Thank you pauke, I appreciate your help.

      That definitely makes sense with the late date too.


        Pauke is correct. I would like to add, LGK XIV was located in Wiesbaden. On March 28, 1945 the Americans entered the city. All military institutions in Wiesbaden, including LGK XIV were dismantled shortly after the occupation of the city. So, I assume all personnel got dismissed and send home after their routine medical inspection.


          Thank you Naxos,

          The addition information is great and ties everything together, I really appreciate it!



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