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1 P.D. Soldbuch with a surprising end

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    1 P.D. Soldbuch with a surprising end

    Here we go again. A young guy named Karl Friedrich Nägele, born in Nurnberg on November 27th, 1.925, being Protestant and just obtained his Bachelor grade.

    As normal prior to enter the Wehrmacht he served with the R.A.D. entering on May 18th, 1.943 and being discharged on August 13th, 1.943.

    Three months later he was inducted in the military when he was admitted by Stammkompanie, Grenadier Ersatz und Ausbildung Bataillon (mot) 41 which provide him with his Soldbuch number 2966 and dog tag with the same number.

    His first combat units were from the same unit, 4 M.G. Kp. Gren. Ers. u. Ausb. Btl. (mot) 41 and the same when it changed its name to 4 M.G. Kp. Res. Gren. Btl. (mot) 41.

    Interesting he received a rifle s/n 237456 and a bayonet s/n 5935 the day prior to receive the Soldbuch, on October 4th, 1.943.

    First security check on December 29th, 1.943 by 4.M.G. Kp. Reserve Grenadier Bataillon (mot) 41 with Kr.St. Nr. 906

    Time to change so he briefly served with a transit unit, Marsch Btl. I/Pz./8 on route to his really combat one.

    He goes to serve with 5./Panzergrenadier Regiment 113, I think he arrived to this unit around March 44 as he received in a matter of days two Iron Rations, one on March 20th and the other on 26th.

    Second security check on May 1st, 1.944 by Panzergrenadier Regiment 113 with Kr.St.R. Nr. 806

    He served with this unit till July 17th, 1.944 when he was wounded by shrapnel on his left know during the attacks south of Zloczow (actually Zolochov).

    He must be on an hospital or medical facility in Krakau as he received his payment on July 21st, 1.944 for Wehrsold from 21st to 30th in the amount of 15 R.M by Krankensammelstelle Krakau (a place to gather wounded soldiers prior his dispatch to hospitals) also received some cloth items, a tunic, a shirt, pants and socks on July 24th from the same unit.

    He was admitted in Reservelazarett Matzenheim on July 28th, 1.944 till August 27th when he was transferred via Lazarett Zug 830. He was briefly treated on Reservelazarett II Strassburg Teillazarett Odilienstift Abt. II (Chirurgie) I think to remove the shrapnel as it was a surgical unit.

    He arrived on August 28th to Reservelazarett Heidenheim Teillazarett Schlageterschule when he was treated till discharged as 3 Mon. a.v. (arbeitsverwendungsfähig) on November 24th, 1.944, I think is that he was only fit for work in the homeland during three months prior being k.v. Kriegsverweundungsfähig, fit for active duty.

    He received on September 5th, 1.944 a Führergeschenk signed by Res.Laz Heidenheim

    During his time at the Heidenheim he received his two medals:
    - Wound Badge in Black on September 2nd, 1.944 by Reservelazarett Heidenheim and signed by an Oberstabsarzt und Chefarzt. Citation dated in the same day by the same hospital and signed by the same medical officer.
    - Panzer Assault Badge in Bronze on September 6th, 1.944by the same hospital but signed by a Hauptmann und Hilfsoffizier. Citation on the same date by Panzergrenadier Regiment 113 and signed by Oberst Ernst Joachin Bradel as Regiment Kommandeur.

    The same day he started his only leave approved the 23rd, from November 24th till December 9th as Genesungsurlaub to visit Nurnberg and given by Reservelazarett Heidenheim. He received his payments as Wehrsold from September 1st till December 31st on November 23rd, for sure a nice amount to spend during his leave, 120 R.M.

    Promoted to Gefreiter on December 1st, 1.944 by Genesenenkp. Panzergrenadier Ersatz und Ausbildung Bataillon 1 confirmed on December 28th

    Appointed as R.O.B. on the same day and by the same unit, confirmed on January 5th, 1.945

    Revoked as R.O.B. on March 1st, 1.945, need help to read the unit

    When back from his leave he was assigned to Panzergrenadier Ersatz Bataillon 1 in Weimar

    Third security check by Genesenden Kp. Pz.Gren.Ers.Btl. 1 in Weimar on December 13th, 1944

    Looks like his peaceful times were cut short as he received another rifle, a Kar98K, with s/n 7281 and a bayonet with s/n 497 on January 6th, 1.945.

    After this no more info from the Soldbuch, as normal we can think he went back to his unit, but in the Personal Data Sheet we can see that he was taken P.O.W. near Fulda while acting as a messenger serving in the Stab./Kampfgruppe Thuringen, 2 Panzer Division so now we know he was assigned to the 2 Panzer Division in January 45 which was almost destroyed and absorbed/redesignated Thuringen Panzer Brigade in March/April 45 fighting in the Mosel and Fulda, finally surrender on May 45 in Plauen and Kötzing.

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    Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.

    Citations, documents and locations where he was wounded, hospital time and surrender

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    Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.


      Same Kompanie at the same time, both in my collection

      Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.


        Great set and excellent details (as usual!) Angel.



          very nice Angel!
          Looking for Italian Campaign Especially Venedig(Venice,Italy) Related Soldbuchs


            Great grouping and research, Angel! Thanks for sharing.

            It is very nice that you have documents to other soldiers in his Kompanie as well
            Always looking for Fallschirmjäger Soldbuch related to the Italian Campaign (especially highly decorated soldiers)

            Also looking for "Kreta" engraved Gravity Knife...

            Kind regards


              Great group and great research.
              Ciao Oriano
              looking for Wehrpäße (and Soldbücher if in good conditions) around Rimini (Adriatic Gothic Line, Italy Sept-Oct 1944)


                Hello Angel !

                Another nice and interesting Soldbuch !

                I would read the unit entry on SB p. 3, dated 1.3.45, as : Offz.Nachw.Kp. 81
                [=Offiziers-Nachwuchs-Kp. 81, another designation for an ROB Kp.] of Pz.Gren.EuA.Rgt. 81 (see 1st scan).

                Regarding what happened after his return from leave mid December 1944, I would consider an alternative variant :
                He was appointed ROB on 5.1.45 while with Pz.Gren.EuA.Btl. 1.
                The next day, he would receive a rifle (and perhaps other equipment), and then he could have been transferred to the Offz.Nachw.Kp. 81.

                He was with this unit until 1st of March, 1945, when he was dismissed from it (for unknown reasons) and
                probably returned to his former replacement unit (Pz.Gren.EuA.Btl. 1 /at Weimar).

                On 25.3.45, because of the "Aktion Leuthen" call up, all Pz.Grenadier training unts from WK IX (and other EuA units) where called up to form :
                Panzer-Ausbildungsverband Thüringen
                Pz.Gren.Ausb-Btl. 1 from Weimar finally started to move early on 27.3.45 (2:45 a.m.) (2nd scan).
                This would match the p. 14 entry for an "Eiserne Portion empfangen" on 26.3.45, which I also interpret as pointing to a soldier,
                that would be sent to the front very soon after that entry was made.

                The various elements of Panzer-Ausbildungsverband Thüringen assembled N of Frankfurt am Main end of March
                and withdrew to the area of Schlüchtern (in between Frankfurt/a.M. and Fulda) in early April.
                By that time it was decided, that the Pz.Ausb.Verb. Thüringen should be used to fill up the remnants of 2. Pz.Div.
                The shattered remnants of 2. P.Div. arrived in the same area from 2. April onward and absorbed the Ausbildungsverband within a few days.
                (for positions see last map from FMS report B-360 by Munzel).

                He might have been captured in early April 45, when both units started to make contact S of Fulda.

                Best regards,

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                  And this is why we all love Archi, nothing more and nothing less, just the best.

                  Thanks a lot for this info my friend

                  Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.