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    Hello !

    With showing more pages, a few things become more clear :

    1.) His possible task in 1936 - 1939 (with Flak units) :
    He was trained on "Kommandogerät".
    This should have been an aiming and range measuring device. You can find examples in the two links (first link at the bottom):,8-cm-FlaK_41
    The second link is "only" a link to a model builder site, but I am always deeply impressed how much effort
    goes into building such dioramas with so many details !
    They really do great research before building something, therefore I assume that it should give a good example.

    2.) Regarding the "Bekleidungs" topic :
    He had two very short courses related to that :
    12.6.39 - 27.6.39 : Funktionslehrgang (Mob.) Bekleidungs-Verwalter Fest.Flak.Abt. 31
    17.5. -22.5.43 Lehrgang für Bekleidungsverwalter bei Flugplatz-Kommando Metz-Freskaty

    I have asked a similar question here :
    However in my case, the course was ~6 month (and for a "Zahlmeisterei-Ausbildung" (to become an official / Beamter)).
    "My soldier" later did not become an official, but became "Hfw. of a battalion" (= similar to a "Spiess" function )
    and also a Bataillons-Schreiber (doing adminstrative tasks).

    So it could be similar in your case and he had the tasks of a QMS as you suggested,
    but I think there are still other tasks possible for him.

    3.) After serving in some Flak units again in mid 1944, he served with Luftgau-Kdo. XII/XIII.
    This should have been located in Wiesbaden (according to Tessin) and was formed by a merger of Lw. elements of WK XII and XIII :
    These Luftwaffe topics are beyond my understanding ...

    That's what I can add, because of the entries shown.

    Best regards,



      Hello Archi,

      Thank you so much for your help!

      The translations and information you have provided me are invaluable, and are helping me learn about this soldier and his career.

      The links you posted are very interesting and I’m looking forward to studying them in detail and learning about the Kommandogerät.

      Once again, I really appreciate your help,

      Kind regards,



        Originally posted by Willmore View Post
        * For some reason the photo upload page isn’t working, it just won’t load, so I will try to post the photo of the awards page later today.

        For now here is what is written on the page.

        Medalla Militar
        (The Military medal)
        Medal awarded - 30.9.38

        The medal awarded on 30.9.38 actually was the Cruz Roja del Mérito Militar (Military Merit Cross in Red) the spanish equivalent to the Iron Cross 2nd Class.
        The "Medalla Militar" was for the highers acts of bravery; like the DKiG or almost the KC
        No hay rincón en el mundo sin una tumba de un Soldado Español


          Hi Francisco,

          Thanks for pointing that out.

          Looking at the upload time of the post, I had most likely had a few choice ales, hence the wrong information being posted ha ha ha,

          kind regards,


          - Correct list (hopefully)

          Dienstauszeichnung iv klasse für 4 jahre dienstzeit in der Wehrmacht
          (The Wehrmacht Long Service Award fourth class)
          Medal awarded - 9.11.37

          Medalla de la Campaña 1936−1939
          (The Medal for the Campaign of 1936−1939)
          Medal awarded - 30.9.38

          Cruz Roja del Mérito Militar
          (Military Merit Cross in Red)
          Medal awarded - 30.9.38

          Spanienkreuz in Silber mit Schwertern
          (The Spanish Cross in Silver with swords)
          Medal awarded - 6.6.39

          Deutschen Schutzwall Ehrenzeichen
          (West wall medal)
          Medal awarded - 1.5.40

          Die Richtigkeit der Eintragung vorstehender Auszeichnungen bestätigt
          Metz Frescaty 1.7.42
          (The correctness of the entries of the listed awards is confirmed, The correctness of the registration of previous awards is confirmed)

          Eine Armbanduhr zum Preis von RM 22, erhalten Metz, den 31.1.1944 UnterzeichnetStabszahlmeister
          (A wristwatch received for RM 22, Got a wristwatch for RM 22 - Metz, 31.1.1944 Signed by Staff Paymaster


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