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Himmlers False Papers found !

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    Himmlers False Papers found !

    I can work out the odd word, did he give himself the war
    service cross 2nd class.?
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    Yes, War Merit Cross 2nd Class.
    Always buying combat award citations (especially Eisernes Kreuz) and Soldbücher/Wehrpässe linked to the Western Front 1944/45 (Ardennes, Eifel/Hürtgenwald, Aachen, Rhineland), no matter what unit!


      Daily Mail 23/5/20

      Fake ID papers used to capture Himmler on May 22, 1945 have been unearthed
      Himmler was detained at Meinstedt after being discovered by a damning stamp
      The stamp was known by British officials as one used by fleeing Nazi officers
      The documents were key in the capture of the head of the SS and the Gestapo Himmler's group were stopped on several occasions but managed to bluff their way through, until they tried to cross through Meinstedt in Bremervörde, northern Germany, on May 22.
      They were asked for their identity papers, which were given to German soldiers at the end of the war and listed their name, rank and date of birth, the BBC reported.
      But on the document was an official stamp that British military intelligence had seen being used by members of the SS trying to flee the country.
      Anyone with these details was to be detained, Himmler was arrested and the next morning the three men were taken to a detention camp.
      The papers will go on display when the museum reopens and will be seen publicly for the first time in 75 years.
      Alongside the papers, the braces that Himmler was wearing when he was captured were also found.


        I have just been reading about the false ID documents found on Himmler.
        Amazing that such items are still unearthed 75 years on.



          Talk about history !
          Any information about the provenance of those documents ?


            The document and his braces (suspenders) were donated by family of a British officer:


            The “damning stamp” on the document (not explained in article) was that he was in the GFP:

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              Interesting that his birth date on document = true date of 7/10/1900 -1 on DD/MM/YYYY = 6/9/1899!


                Think I read today is the anniversary of HH's suicide. How fitting.



                  complete scan of the back, courtesy of the Military Intelligence Museum.

                  See You

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                    Very interesting!

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                      Would the purple signature (Hitzinger alias I'm assuming) at the bottom of Himmler's fake ID have been signed by Himmler himself I'm guessing. Looks very similar to his type of handwriting.


                        Persönlicher Stab RF-SS

                        Thanks for sharing !

                        I'm still thrilled with this recently discovered ID document. It's amazing what still surfaces after so many decades, believed destroyed or lost.

                        I was fortunate to get the Soldbuch of Himmler's driver (Persönlicher Stab RFSS) during the escape for my collection and I yet have to research it better. Despite Covid, I've been way to busy with work and family and have almost not found any time to dedicate to the collection.

                        The owner of my Soldbuch, Himmler's driver during the escape, stated that he and the Reichsführer had swapped trousers so that the RF would not stick out wearing breeches during their escape along with other civilians clothes.



                          I watched a youtube video discussion about HH's capture, some think he was beaten to death by his British captives.

                          According to their studies there were bruises all over his neck and face.

                          In addition, the video claimed it would be difficult for him to have kept the cyanide pill on him (or in his mouth) after they body searched him so many times.

                          interesting points made.
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                            An interesting discovery for sure. What else will be uncovered in the future?


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