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Well, what to show? Another CCC from the 1 Panzer Division? Yes

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    Well, what to show? Another CCC from the 1 Panzer Division? Yes

    Unfortunately this is a second replacement so a lot of info is missing but comping with almost all his citations and the CC day list we can try to tell a good part of his wartime expierences.

    His name was Paul Schleicher and was born on August 8th, 1.922 in Marburg (Lahn) and he was protestant and still at school or university when he enter the Heer.

    His father was Kurt and his mother Elisabeth (Hilberger) and he was married to Ruth (Herfurlh)

    Probably his induction took place around the first half of 1.941 with 2./Schutzen Ersatz Bataillon 1 in Weimar where he was trained and sent to his combat unit.

    The Soldbuch only listed the last one, but thanks to the citations we know he served always with Schutzen Regiment 113, later Panzergrenadier Regiment 113.

    Using his citations we know he served chronologically with 9 kp. Stab II, and 5 kp. in this unit.

    His career is more or less as follow:

    - Gefreiter around the time of the start of Barbarossa.
    - Iron Cross 2nd class on September 29th, 1.941 while serving with 9./S.R. 113 (provisional citation dated September 28th) signed by Generalmajor Walter Krüger RK on July 11th, 1.941, DKiG on August 27th, 1.942 and EL (373) on January 24th, 1.944.

    He was transfer to the Stab of the II Bataillon

    - Wounded on October 2nd, 1.941 while serving in that unit attached to Kampfgruppe Westhoven attacking Szytschewka (now Sychovka)
    - Wound badge in black on May 1st, 1.942 and signed by Oberst Wendt von Withersein DKiG on December 24th, 1.941, RK on February 10th, 1.942 and OL (176) on January 12th, 1.943.
    -Panzer Assault Badge in bronze on July 2nd, 1.942 signed again by Generalmajor Walter Krüger
    - Ostmedaille on August 1st, 1.942 signed by Hauptmann Egerherd von Rosenberger DKiG on June 16th, 1.944

    Now it takes some time to relax and to refit the mauled division and what better to pass some time in the sunny France and later in Greece. During this time he was promoted to Unteroffizier.

    Back in the saddle he continuos to perform well and we can be sure he was a driver as his next medal was only for them,

    - Wounded on November 17th, 1.943 in Gnilez
    - Driver’s badge in bronze on January 4th, 1.944, still serving with II./Panzergrenadier Regiment 113 and signed by Hauptmann von Griessheim,, Ehrenblattspange on June 5th, 1.944

    Now he was assigned to a new unit, 5./Panzergrenadier Regiment 113

    - Iron Cross 1st class on January 16th, 1.944 signed by Generlamajor Richard Kroll RK on July 15th, 1.941
    - Nahkampfspange in bronze on January 28th, 1.944, unfortunately this is the only citation missing in the group
    - Wounded on March 6th, 1.944 while attached to Kampfgruppe Righter around Krassiloff (now Krasilov) You can see he was credited with a CC day and the situation was West of Schkarowka (Shkaryvka) a village almost 300 km east of Krasilov. Looks he was not evacuated as in less than three weeks he was again in combat.
    - Wounded on March 26th, 1.944 on Bol Lewada defending a bridge 15 km from it (now Velyka Levada)
    - Wound Badge in silver on May 14th, 1.944 signed by Hauptmann Ebeling
    - Nahkampfspange in silber on June 20th, 1.944 signed by Oberst Ernst Joachim Bradel RK on December 15th, 1.943
    - Leave on July 13th, 1.944 as Sonderurlaub to visit Marburg/Lahn from 14th till 28th
    - Wounded on August 27th, 1.944 while attached to Kampfgruppe Bradel in Sedek (Poland)
    - Wound Badge in Gold on August 31st, 1.944 signed by Hauptmann Friedrich Stengl DKiG on May 24th, 1.942 and EB on February 25th, 1.945

    Looks like this time his wound need more attention and he was admitted in a couple of hospitals
    - Feldlazarett (mot) 771 on September 5th, 1.944
    - Kriegslazarett 4/533 (R) on September 8th for Grenade shrapnels and discharged to Ersatz Truppen as k.v. on October 28th, 1.944
    - Leave on October 30th, 1.944 to visit Marburg/Lahn as Genesenenurlaub lasting from October 31st till November 16th approved by Genesenenkompanie Pz.Gren.Ers.Btl. 1
    - Leave on November 28th, 1.944 to visit Marburg/Lahn as Einsatzurlaub lasting form November 29th till December 14th, 1.944 approved by marschkompanie Pz.Gren.Ers.Btl. 1
    - Leave on December 19th, 1.944 to visit Marburg/Lahn as Heimaturlaub from December 20th till 30th approved as above

    No further info can be extracted, but this give us a good idea about this brave NCO.

    Attached Files
    Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.

    First list
    Day 01- December 9th, 1.942 Popushina und Schatnewo On map, no name found
    Day 02- December 16th, 1.942 Höhe von Nowaja On map, no name found
    Day 03- December 20th, 1.942 Getreidemuehle Klemjatin Grain Mill Klemjatino

    Second list
    Day 01- November 13th, 1.943 Kornin Kornyn
    Day 02- November 14th, 1.943 Wald bei Korolewka Forest by Korolivka
    Day 03- November 15th, 1.943 Gnilez On map, no name found
    Day 04- November 21st, 1.943 Krassny Schliacho Stavyshche
    Day 05- November 22nd, 1.943 westl. Wyssokoje Vysoke
    Day 06- November 23rd, 1.943 Mestetchkp Mistechko
    Day 07- November 24th, 1.943 Kowganowka
    Day 08- November 25th, 1.943 Kowganowka
    Day 09- December 9th, 1.943 Federowka Federivka
    Day 10- December 11th, 1.943 Krassnoborka Krasnobirka
    Day 11- December 12th, 1.943 Mal Ratscha (nachtgef.) Mala Racha (night fight)
    Day 12- December 14th, 1.943 Wald südl. Federowka Forest south Federivka
    Day 13- December 20th, 1.943 Stremingorod Stremyhorod
    Day 14- December 22nd, 1.943 Panzerangriff bei Bhf. Tank attack to train Tschepowitschi station Chopovychi
    Day 15- December 26th, 1.943 Waldgefecht 2 Km. Forest battle 2 km Südwestlich Gorodezkaya not located
    Day 16- December 27th, 1.943 Charitinowka Kharytonivka
    Day 17- December 29th, 1.943 Scheschelewo
    Day 18- January 2nd, 1.944 Komssomolskoje Makhnivka
    Day 19- January 3rd, 1.944 Komssomolskoje Makhnivka
    Day 20- January 4th, 1.944 Komssomolskoje Makhnivka
    Day 21- January 5th, 1.944 Komssomolskoje Makhnivka
    Day 22- January 6th, 1.944 Komssomolskoje Makhnivka
    Day 23- March 5th, 1.944 westl. Dubrowaja
    Day 24- March 6th, 1.944 Wel. Schkarowka Shkarivka
    Day 25- March 24th, 1.944 nordl. Gordorok North Grodok
    Day 26- March 28th, 1.944 Marjanowka
    Day 27- April 16th, 1.944 Do, Medwedowiec Medvedivtsi
    Day 28- April 26th, 1.944 höhe 386, 4 km. ostw. Trybukhivtsi Trybuchowce

    First the 3 from list one
    Attached Files
    Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.


      wow, NKSiS, I don't mind missing as NKSiS is there.
      and nice front foto. thanks, I will keep in my database

      looking for SS Hohenstaufen and Frundsberg Documents or Soldbuch !


        Verry nice CCC Silver Soldbuch - and Great Picture of him in his soldbuch.....looks he saw a lot of Action......
        Great Set with the Docs and CCC Days.......