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Help with this group to Pinierlehrabteilung 1

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    Help with this group to Pinierlehrabteilung 1

    I showed this sometime ago, now I gathered all info I have and present it here again hoping anyone can fill the blanks and help me to clarified some obscure times in his service time.

    Thanks an feel free to ask or comment.


    Now a tricky one to research, those independent units are difficult to track and so my research has some holes I hope someone can help me to fill. Also when sold originally there are with the group a photo album with 65 photos, but this was split before being offered to me and now is missing from the group, maybe someone knows his whereabouts.

    Our guy was born in September 12th, 1.923 in Habinghorst (Castrop-Rauxel), he was catholic and I need some help todecypher his occupation (at the end of war he was described in his release paper as Zugabfertiger, Train supervisor)

    He was an sport lover and he went to earn the Reichsjugendsportabzeichen on October 7th, 1.941 and the Reichsportabzeichen in Bronze on November 29th, 1.941, both by Reichssportamt Berlin. He took part to qualify for the first on April 26th (weight thrown), July 5th (100 m race), July 19th (3000 m race and long jump) and August 4th (300 m swim). for the second in August 15th (10.000 m race), on September 15th (400 m race and 300 m swim), on September 19th (long jump) and on September 30th (Weight thrown)

    His new Soldbuch was open on April 15th, 1.942 by Pi.Ers.Btl 6 with number 2085 and dogtag 6085.

    Around mid June 42 he went to his combat unit, where he will be till the end during their name changes and vicissitudes on war, 2./Pionierlehrbataillon 1.

    He received a Kar 98k s/n 4552 and a bayonet s/n 1496 on June 15th, 1.942.

    He received another Kar 98k s/n 4995 on July 7th, 1.942

    Looks like he was in close contact with Romanian troops as he received on October 25th, 1.942 his first medal (later confirmed with a formal citation on June 15th, 1.943) the Barbatie Si Credinta 3rd class with swords. I think he was deployed in the Caucasus.

    He was credited on those days his first CC day on September 29th in a place called Asphaltowaja (still to locate)

    He was promoted to Oberpionier on December 1st, 1.942 by 2./Pi.L.Btl. 1 confirmed on 21st

    For sure he took part attached to the 23 Panzer Division in Unternehmen Wintergewitter trying to break the encirclement of the 6 Armee in Stalingrad and the subsequents combats in December 42 till February 43. He was severely mauled and, according to a witness report, on January 27th the unit commanded by Hauptmann Low was only composed by 3 Officers, 3 NCO and 4 EM.

    During those combats he was credited with, at least, 3 CC days:
    - Schestakoff on December 25th, 1.942
    - Manytsch on January 18th, 1.943
    - Pferde Kolchose Krassny Partisan on January 17th, 1.943
    - Pischwanoff on January 25th and 28th, 1.943

    He recibe a payment from L50340 (Stabs Luftwaffen Field Division 15) on January 23rd as Wehrsold from 21st till 31st in an amount of 12,50 R.M. this unit was around Taganrog at this time.

    Received a Kar 98k s/n 5018 on March 1st, 1.943

    Promoted to Gefreiter on April 1st, 1.943 by 2./Pi.L.Btl. 1 confirmed on the 4th

    He received his first leave on May 20th, 1.943 as Erholungsurlaub to Castrop from May 21st till June 18th.

    He received his second medal for this battles:
    - Sturmabzeichen on April 8th, 1.943, citation dated the same day and stamped with Fp 34425 (Stab./Pinierlehrbataillon 1), signed by a Hauptmann und Kommandeur Pionierlehrbataillon 1 (help to name it, please)

    After some rest his unit was attached to XXXXVII Panzerkorps, 255 I.D. and took part in Unternehmen Citadel, there was his best time, for his participation on the Kursk Battle he received the next awards:
    - Iron Cross 2nd class on August 9th, 1.943, citation dated November 12th, 1.943 stamped by 255 I.D. and signed by Generalleutnant Walter Poppe, DKiG on may 30th, 1.942 as Generlamajor und Kommandeur 255 I.D.
    - Nahkampspange in bronze on August 25th, 1.943, citation stamped by Pi.Lehr.Btl. 1 and signed by a Hauptmann und Kommandeur Pionierlehrbataillon 1 (any help to id him is welcomed)
    - Wound Badge in black on August 28th, 1.943 for a wound received on August 6th, stamped and signed as the Nahkampfspange one.
    To receive the Nahkampfspange he was credited with several CC days during Citadel and the posterior combats:
    - Ssuch Ssolorino on July 16th and 17th, 1.943 (place not located)
    - Dragunskoye on July 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th, 1.943 (take a look at the attached picture)
    - Tomarowka on August 4th and 5th, 1.943 (on the same picture as above)
    - Beresowka (actual Borisowka) on August 6th and 7th, 1.943 (on the same picture as above)
    - Luganino on July 8th and 9th, 1.943 (looks like back dated as they were the 17th and 18th confirmed days) (Place still to locate)

    Received a Kar 98k on August 17th, 1.943 s/n 4075
    Received a bayonet on September 15th, 1.943 s/n 7824

    He received his second leave, on December 29th, 1.943 as Erholungsurlaub to Castrop from January 1st till January 24th, 1.944. He received a Führergeschenk on December 29th, 1.943 stamped with Fp 30690 and confirmed by another stamp dated December 31st as Fronturlauberpaket Führergeschenk erhelten Dezember.

    Received a bayonet on June 30th, 1.944 s/n 4795

    Now I lost a little the whereabouts of this unit till the summer of 44 when he fought close to the 1 Panzer Division (yes, my beloved 1 Panzer Division) in Poland and he was credited with several CC days, he was fighting with or close to Kampfgruppe Warshnauer:
    - Sanoczek on August 3rd and 6th, 1.944 (see picture), on 6th he was wounded, but stay with his unit as no entry of a visit to any hospital and again combating on 8th.
    - Nowosielce on August 8th, 1.944 (same picture as above)
    - Pielnia on August 9th, 10th and 11th, 1.944 (also same as above)

    Received a Kar 98k on September 5th, 1.944 s/n 8451

    Promoted to Obergefreiter on October 1st, 1.944 by 2./Pi.L.Btl. 1 confirmed the same day

    After those combats the unit was assigned on October 44 to Heeres Pioneer Brigade 42 and was renamed as II./H.Pi.Brig. 42 so the 2./Pi.L.Btl. 1 was now the 5./H.Pi.Brig. 42.

    Received an MP 40 on November 25th, 1.944 s/n 7997

    On December 44 the II./Heeres Pinier Brigade 42 was subordinated to the Speer Brigade 1 fighting north of Warschau with XXXXVI Panzerkorps, 9 Armee till January 16th, 1.945

    On January 17th, 1.945 with XXVII Armeekorps, attached to 227 I.D.
    On February 1.945 with VII Panzerkorps
    On March 1.943 Speer Brigade 1 was disbanded and II./Heeres Pioneer Brigade 42 was still attached to VII Panzerkorps
    They fought in Gotenhafen (actual Gdynia, Poland) with 7 P.D., 4 SS Polizei Division and the Kampfgruppen from 32, 251 and 215 I.D.s.

    He was wounded end of February 1.945 as he was transfer via hospital train on 28th, during the trip he received a payment what allows us to id the train as Lazarettzug 675 which Oberzahlmeister paid 36 R.M. as Wehrsold from the period March 1st till 31st, 1.945.

    Arriving to Reservelazarett IIIb in Feldkirch (Austria) on March 7th, 1.945 with wounds by shrapnel and was discharger to troops on April 24th, but was admitted again on the same hospital on May 3rd and being discharged on August 1st, 1.945

    The unit surrender in Hela (actual Hel, Poland) and, sometime after the disbanded of the Speer Brigade 1 the unit recover his previous name.

    He was discharged from a British POW Camp on June 28th, 1.946 stating that he can work on as Train Supervisor and that he has some problems with his left hand that could limit his ability to use it and so to work properly. He was given 40 R.M.

    The war was not over for him, years later he was ask to remember some bad memories, in June 53 he sent a letter to the police in order to testify that one of his former comrades with 2./Pionierlehrbataillon 1 (he also add his actual Feldpost number the 30690) Gefreiter Theodor Palicki died on July or August 43 in an hospital in Kiew, all in behalf of the mother of Theo, Mrs Hedwig Palicki (second time I found this name in my lasts researches and I always think it was a cute name for an Owl, Harry Potter fans knows what I am talking about). Theo is registered on the Volksbund database as died on July 13th, 1.943 in Lazarett 1/IV Kiew.

    All medal entries, leaves and CC days are stamped with the Fp 30690 (2./Pionierlehrbataillon 1)
    Attached Files
    Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.

    Attached Files
    Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.


      Some of the places I locate, including several of his Close Combat days, the port of Hela and Gotenhafen and the last Hospital where he was interned.

      Attached Files
      Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.


        Very nice,thanks for posting this group.
        Cheers Steve


          Great group with very nice and very interesting certificates
          looking for Wehrpäße (and Soldbücher if in good conditions) around Rimini (Adriatic Gothic Line, Italy Sept-Oct 1944)


            Wonderful grouping. Thanks for showing.
            looking for Soldbücher, Wehrpäße, or Ausweis to family names: Jung, Weihs,Adams, Kloskowski


              Hello Angel !

              Great group and fantastic and thorough research. Excellent ! Many thanks for presenting it in great detail !

              I think your research is very complete. The few things I can add :

              CC day 29.9.42 :
              Around that time Pionier-Lehrbataillon 1 was temporary part of KGr. Amsberg (AA, Turk.-Btl., Pionier-Lehr-bataillon, under 101. Jäger-Div.).
              The 101. Jg.Div. was given the task to take a railroad tunnel 3km W of Chadyshensk, to clear the way to Tuapse.
              Heavy fighting was going back and forth for over 5 days. (Book by Tieke, p.269).
              The place you are looking for is today named Asfal'tovaya Gora and is located 4km SW Kabardinskaya, ~8km NW Chadyshensk.

              And you are right, that this Pi-Btl. assisted 23. Pz.Div. in the relief attempt towards Stalingrad.
              It is mentioned several times in the book by Rebentisch :

              At that time, the Kommandeur Pionierlehrbataillon 1 was Alfred Edler von Löw (DKiG) :
              But I do not know how long he was Btls.-Kdr. and whether that could be his signature on the Sturmabzeichen.

              Best regards,



                Archi, always helping and full of info I can not thanks you enough.

                I have the 23 P.D. book, but just arrived and no time to research in full the Pionierlehrbataillon 1 part, but will do it soon.

                Thanks again

                Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.


                  More info about his time attached to 23 Panzer Division and his commander Hauptmann von Löw.

                  Period attached to 23 Panzer Division:

                  December 17th, 1.942 Attached to 23 Panzer Division, 1./Panzerjäger Abteilung 128 also attached to the Pi.L. 1 and both to the SPW Bataillon in Ssamochin

                  December 18th, 1.942 With SPW Bataillon in Schestakoff, toma de Shuttoff 2 and then in reserve again on Samochin

                  December 19th, 1.942 Defending the bridges in Krugljakoff and Schestakoff

                  December 24th, 1.942 One company sent to help I/Pz.Gren.Rgt. 20

                  Night December 24th to 25th, 1.942 Informs of an incursion of 200 Russian soldiers with 6 tanks west of the road Gromoslawka - Schestakoff in the rearguard of I/Pz.Gren,Rgt. 40

                  December 25th, 1.942 Bridgehead in Krugljakoff and Schestakow minus 1./Pi.L. 1 and with the reserve of the 23 Pz.Div. ( 2 companies of rearguard soldiers)

                  December 26th, 1.942 Bridge of Schestakoff blown

                  January 1st, 1.943 Works in both sides of the Manitsch

                  January 8th, 1.943 Counterattack and taken of Nish Sundoff

                  January 11th, 1.943 Close Combat in Romanoff
                  January 12th, 1.943 Attack to Krassnyj Skotowod with Kampfgruppe von Winning, 75 casualties

                  January 13th, 1.943 In Kolhose nº 1

                  January 18th, 1.943 With Kampfgruppe Sander in the Manytsch

                  January 21st, 1.943 Two enemy battalions attacked Gorkaja, Pi.L. 1 rejects the attack

                  January 23rd, 1.943 Launch an attack towards Chleborodnaja and Plodorodnyj supported with assault guns and take 2 120 mm guns and 30 horse drawn cars (Panjewagon). Forced of his Kampfgruppe (Hauptmann von Low) 11 men from Pi.L. 1, 20 artillery men and 14 men from rearguard units of the Panzergrenadier Regiment 126. The same dauy the SPW Battalion is assigned to the Pi.L. 1

                  January 25th, 1.943 Kampfgruppe von Low counterattack in Konnoj Armij (nº 1) and expulse the Russian that left 20 KIA, 21 POW, one 7.62 cm antitank gun and 2 antitank rifles, went trough Malo Kusnezowka and entered Pischwanow finding elements of the rearguard there.

                  January 26th, 1.943 KG is attacked by one battalion in Pischwanow, captured 2 artillery pieces and expulse the enemy. It can not occupy the village due lack of effectives. Attack again and took 6 reinforced positions, destroyed 4 infantry guns, 13 antitank rifles, 2 heavy M.G. and 50 horse drawn cars (Panjewagons) and caused 80 KIA and took 150 POW. It is reinforced with 9 Stug III from Stug.Abt. 203

                  January 27th, 1.943 Receive continuos attacks. 32 casualties. Forces before 250 (Janaury 26th), now 116.

                  January 28th, 1.943 Withdrawn from Pischwanow

                  January 29th, 1.943 KG von Low and KG Sander ordered to clean Terjajew-Andropow and take Kagalnitschek. KG Sander took Terjajew-Andropow. KG von Low and KG Erfurt took train station at Metschtinskaja and Kagalnitschek, but lost the last during the afternoon

                  January 30th, 1.943 Attack from Metschetinskaja and withdrawn towards Kagalnitschek.

                  February 1st, 1.943 Pilonier Lehr Battalion 1 is withdrawn from frontline, effectives 3 Officers, 2 NCO and 4 EM

                  Alfred Edler von Löw
                  Born in Prag on November 11th, 1.913
                  April 1st, 1.934 Pionier Bataillon 6
                  September 1st, 1.939 Pionierzugführer Aufklarungs Lehr Abteilung
                  March 2nd, 1.940 Schwadron Chef Aufklarungs Lehr Abteilung
                  April 21st, 1.940 Kompanie Chef Pionier Bataillon 295
                  June 20th, 1.942 Offizier bei Stab Pionier Lehr Bataillon 1
                  October 27th, 1.942 Kommandeur Pionier Lehr Bataillon 1
                  June 15th, 1.943 Generalstabausbildung
                  June 20th, 1.943 Generalstabausbildung 19 Panzer Division
                  February 1st, 1.944 Kriegsakademie
                  August 10th, 1.944 Generalstabsoffizier 563 V.G.D.
                  January 15th, 1.945 Ia 563 V.G.D.
                  February 18th, 1.945 2 Generalstabsoffizier 563 V.G.D.

                  Leutnant April 1st, 1.934
                  Oberleutnant January 1st, 1.939
                  Hauptmann February 1st, 1.942
                  Major May 1st, 1.944

                  EK II October 1st, 1.939
                  EK I July 28th, 1.941
                  GAB Novemner 25th, 1.941
                  Ostmedaille July 25th, 1.942
                  DKiG March 11th, 1.943 as Hauptmann und Kommandeur Pionier Lehr Bataillon 1

                  Looking for DKiG Heer winner Soldbuch who also won the TDB and/or CCC, specially in Silver.


                    wonderful indeed! love the CCC days list
                    Looking for Italian Campaign Especially Venedig(Venice,Italy) Related Soldbuchs


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