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Cleaning Your Crosses

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    Cleaning Your Crosses

    Time and time again great examples of the iron cross pop up for sale , some are in mint condition , and others have been neglected . please use this post to give your cleaning care and tips as more and more people ask me the same question?,and in my opinion more answers are better than one , for example i have a friend called dougie , who still wears his slippers to go to the supermarket ,after saving for 12 years he finally had enough money to buy a second class iron cross , and how he wept like a baby when he found out that using sulfuric acid to remove the rust,was not a very good cleaning tip!

    joking aside

    your tips please

    regards J.U

    I've never cleaned any of my militaria.


      Originally posted by George Stimson
      I've never cleaned any of my militaria.
      I clean a EK I... and I wish not to do. Although I left it in a mint condition...
      I think is not better to clean awards. If you want a mint award just look for it in a mint condition and buy it.


        I have never cleaned any of my militaria, except to get off dust, etc... Sometimes I have found that little particles of very loose debris are easily removed with a soft toothbrush (UNUSED of Course! and only if it will not damage the item). The only reason I do this is to brush off any little critters, or other harmful elements that may corrode the medal. No detergents, and no cleaners, just a soft dusting cloth and a soft toothbrush. And no abbrasive scrubbing just gentle dusting.

        I have found that if I find myself pondering the question of clenaning an item, I just wait for a more mint example to pop up. Besides 9/10 times I like the been there appeal!



          I cleaned a a simple EK2 1939. Wish I hadn't done that. On Silver EKs they really are beautiful when minty fresh. That said I have an EK2 1914 that is in the box and has never been cleaned. Its almost all black. Beautiful in its own rite with near 100 years of patina.

          I wont do it again.


            If you absolutely must clean your Iron Cross use caution and a very light touch. Most crosses are best left alone. Before you start appraise the condition and integrity of the core paint. Be honest here or you can and will cause damage. Sometimes this paint is very delicate. Above all use your judgement and easy does it.

            If you cross is extremely filthy you can try gently washing it with a Ph neutral soap such as Ivory and warm water. Use a cotton swab such as a Q-tip or the softest tooth brush you can find. Very gently dislodge any grime while the cross is fully wetted with the soapy water. The object is to remove the dirt and not to scrub or polish the finish. Dry brushing can leave scratches as you're dragging the dirt around and not floating it off. Even a very gentle washing will remove most of the grime and will not harm the finish or the patina. It is vitally important that you thoroughly rinse and dry the cross afterwards. A warm to hot water rinse will help evaporate some of the moisture. Shaking out the excess water from the frame,towel drying and finishing with a hairdrier to evaporate what moisture remains completes the cleaning. When completely dry you will not need to do anything else but enjoy. Again easy does it and make sure that it is completely dry.

            Again this is a last resort approach to very dirty EKs. It is not a method for polishing to shine up the cross which I don't recommend along with the others here.

            A final note. If you're not sure, then leave it alone and find a better conditioned EK that you would be happier with.

            Good luck!

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              No, I would never clean any of my awards. Best left alone.

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                what do you recommend about that green stuff...verdigras...or something like that, which shows up with humidity on medals and badges?



                  I never clean any of my medals.... if you really really have to urge to, use normal water and a bit of cotton or something.

                  bottomline, nothing caustic, nothing abrasive, nothing at all!


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