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CHOLM shield :: Long-M variant

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    Antonio and Hartvig, thanks for the kind words. I too like the Heer para badge very much. Actually it is the first one I have ever seen in hand, and I probably would not have ever bid on it at any other location.

    Thomas Durante has pronounced it "a fine original unmarked Juncker." That is good enough for me!

    Since I had known the family who lived only a few miles away, practically all my life, and could easily see that the other pieces with which I was familiar were without doubt original, it gave me the confidence to keep on bidding.

    In fact I was in elementary school with the veteran's younger brother and sister when he was serving in Germany in WW II. He returned to the U.S. in the Summer of 1945 as his unit was on orders for the invasion of Japan. Of course that never occurred and he was discharged.
    Don Bible


      are there also cholm shields known with 4 prongs on the backside ? i have one wich appears to be really old but has 4 prongs on the back, has the paper backing, it is on luftwaffecloth.


        I have a "long" M shield. I just wondered if they made fakes of these. I know there are a lot of fake Cholm shields out there, but did they make a long M one? Would like to see a post on how to tell a fake cholm, thanks, B


          long M

          before i found this thread i never heard of a long M. now I am going to dig out my RIKER mount out and look at what i have got!


            Bnz, that's an amazing shield! I just posted my long M Cholm on the collectors display thread under Rob C's collection. What's the price range of one of these now and it it much more than the short M?


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