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Need to ID this ribbon on a ribbon bar....Bulgaria, Romania...?...

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  • mevm36
    This is the ribbon bar for the Romanian “Aeronautical Virtue Medal” which was presented to civilian and military air service personnel.....

    In 1931 King Carol II established the Aeronautical Virtue medal which was related exclusively to aviation. The medal was instituted by Royal decree No. 463 of February 24, 1931 to be awarded to air personnel in time of peace and time of war in recognition of valor and gallantry in battle. The medal had three classes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The circular medal was 33 mm in diameter and had a slightly raised border. The obverse showed the profile of a young woman looking to the right, with her hair flying in the wind and wearing a winged helmet. The reverse shows Romania's coat of arms (model 1921) on the upper portion, flanked on both sides by a small stylized wing. A three quarter wreath of laurel leaves, tied at three places joins the lateral wings of the coat of arms. In the center of the medal the inscription "PENTRV AERONAUTICA, 1931" was written.
    The 35 mm wide ribbon was made of light blue moire with a 5 mm silver stripe in the middle.

    On December 19, 1938 the medal was raised to the status of a decoration for bravery and could be awarded with swords which would include the addition of 3 mm wide golden stripes on the edge of the ribbon. The 1938 type was surmounted by two 28 mm crossed swords and a 20 mm royal crown.
    The Order and medal became obsolete in 1947 with the formation of the People's Republic of Romania. The basic design of the pilot badge continued except the Republic's emblem replaced the prior Royal Coat of Arms.

    Extract from:
    (article published by Charles H. Pankey in "The Journal of the Orders and Medals Society of America (November 1997)", Vol 48, No. 9)

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  • Need to ID this ribbon on a ribbon bar....Bulgaria, Romania...?...

    Need assistance to id the blue with 3 white stripes and swords....before the Rumania Anti communism medal, so Romania, Bulgaria...:?


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