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WWII Paratrooper Wings

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    WWII Paratrooper Wings

    I need the help of the forum please.

    Are these wings original WWII, fake, or what?

    Thank you for looking, Keith
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    I collect WWII special forces units. Especially those deployed in North Africa, Aegean & Mediterranean theatre. Also the WWI campaign in the Hejaz, Imperial Camel Corps, TE Lawrence & associates

    Look cast to me.

    Definitely not official mfg.
    Collector of French ww2-era insignia.


      From what I see, They are a post-war, cast copy of a double stared set of wings. You can see where the original had it's pin set and drilled holes for the wings. Now, the clutches, appear to be WWII, based on their construction.

      I think these were meant to wear as a re-enactor set. Definitely not WWII.
      Always on the lookout for quality WWII U.S. Paratrooper items! [email protected]


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