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Blue box dated Silver Stars,Purple Hearts also!

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    Blue box dated Silver Stars,Purple Hearts also!

    Hello collectors!

    I have a couple Silver Stars in the blue boxs! Dated and maker on box!

    My question is were these unissued? Would they be issued like this?

    How many different makers have you seen!

    I have taken a liking to these and would like to get others!

    I have seen the coffin cased ones! Were they more likley
    given in coffin case?

    Hope others show theirs!

    Now I ask the same question on Purple Hearts in the blue box's!

    I just missed this one that was for sale!

    I would like to find some for sale!

    Any info on them? More makers I would quess!

    Something to study and learn!

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    Silver Star!

    top of Silver Star box!

    Here is a Silver Star thats numbered with no box I have!

    I have seen some Stars at shows with no number on them!

    What does that mean?

    I just got my membership updated again and after seeing
    the hassle everyone has had, I am able to post again!
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      Stars and Purple Hearts!


      Coffin Cases!

      And I picked up 64 mags on decorations! This one is Silver Stars!

      Showing pics of slant engraving on back!

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        Here is boxed bronze Star with maker!

        I have seen at least 5 different makers!
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          You always seem to pull the surplus medals Paul!

          Nice examples!
          Collector of French ww2-era insignia.


            The blue cardboard boxes were the manufacturer's contractor boxes. They were sent in the blue boxes to the appropriate Quartermaster Depot (Army, Navy, Marine). The Quartermaster Depot then placed the medals in the leather award cases to be sent to the theaters of operations for award, or to hospitals (for the Purple Hearts) , or to the next of kin after engraving of the decorations. Early in the war many of the decorations were numbered, as had been done with American medals and decorations before that time. However, not too long after the war began, it was decided that impressing numbers on medals and decorations was too time consuming a process and that it was going to be impractical in light of the large numbers of medals that were going to be produced. The practice of numbering medals was therefore discontinued. However, some of the numbered decorations that were awarded can be found with the original typed citations from their award (such as Air Medals, Distinguished Flying Crosses, Purple Hearts, Silver Stars, etc.), and on occasion the clerk who typed the citation document actually typed the number that was on the decoration that was awarded to the recipient. These sets of a medal and a typed citation that include the serial number of the medal are, in my experience, very uncommon to rare. Additionally, while most collectors date a award based on the type of suspension that it uses (wrap brooch, slot brooch, crimp brooch), this generally applies only to the time that it was produced, and not awarded. Decorations produced during World War II with slot brooches can be found as having been awarded during the Vietnam War. That is because there were medals that were produced during World War II that were on the Quartermaster shelves when new stocks arrived. Apparently the new medals pushed the older medals to the back of the shelves, where many of them sat for years, until they came to be awarded much later.



              Thanks for very good info!

              Thanks Scotty!!

              I find it interesting for sure!

              Hope someone see's this thread and has a Purple Heart in blue box
              to sell me!

              Would like to see different makers!

              So much to learn!


                Would like to see different makers!
                There s not going to be very much difference between manufacturers of World War II medals and decorations. They had to be produced according to specifications and contracts provided by the government. There might be variations in brooch styles. In Purple Hearts you will find examples with enamel centers; with plastic centers; and some with painted centers. Beyond these factors there will not be much difference, because there was not supposed to be any noticeable difference in the appearance of medals as between manufacturers.




                  Thanks for interesting info!

                  As with Bronze Stars shown by different makers
                  I know they are the same but some packing was different!
                  Such large orders needed by govt and different makers
                  makes collecting the odd box fun!

                  I have seen just writing on large box of company say of 100
                  0r 200.


                  I have seen sterling silver on PURPLE Hearts!

                  Did BBB make ww2 medals?

                  Odd ball cartons or boxes make it fun!

                  Different years produced! The 2 boxed Silver Stars I show are
                  different year and makers!

                  If I have read right some gifted collectors can look at medal
                  and tell the maker!

                  Very interesting Bill!

                  Its fun to talk to collectors and learn!

                  Thanks for all your answers!

                  Short box for navy and Marine are interesting!

                  I must ask Tarbridge who does Purple Hearts
                  at shows!

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                    Here is Swank Bronze Stars in original box!

                    Boxs of this medal inside had no label !

                    So had white label made with info from main box!

                    So my question is would the purple hearts also be shipped in larger box's
                    of say 100?

                    Anyone see shipping box's for them!

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