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Old Photos of My Dad

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    Old Photos of My Dad

    Looking through some old photos I found these of my Dad.
    A 30 year veteran of the Navy and the Coast Guard.

    I was surprised about how young he looked in some of the photos.

    He had a pretty interesting career.
    Joined the Navy in 1943 at 17. He spent most of his time assigned to an APA Attack Transport. Made the big
    invasions on Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
    He want ashore on Iwo to help unload supplies and ended up a Corpsman helper and spent 13 days on
    the island.
    He told me he came off that island with a new perspective for life.

    After the war he joined the USCG in 1946.
    Sometime during the 50's when he was an E-7 they created E-8's and E-9's. He had the option to go to
    E-9 or become a Warrant Officer. He took W-1.
    In 1967 he was a W3. The Coast Guard needed more officers for Viet Nam so overnight he went from
    W3 to 0-3.
    He retired in 1973 as a LCDR 0-4
    Not bad for a kid from Pittsburgh who left school in 10th grade.

    He loved the military. I often remember him saying they gave him hot food and a new pair of leather shoes.
    Many great stories.
    Gone but not forgotten.

    Here is a photo of him in 1943 2nd from the right. He told me 2 of these guys were killed on Iwo.

    2nd photo spin the clock ahead 30 years. The day he retired.
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    My Dad could never understand why my Brother and I went in the Army.
    We both had the opportunity to go to the Coast Guard Academy because he was a retired officer.

    We both read the book Currahee by Donald Burgett.
    Our fate was sealed.

    My brother spent 30yrs in the Army and retired as a CWO-4
    I lasted about 8 years and got out as a Capt.

    Sorry about photos, not sure why they are sideways
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      I remember you showing me some of these photos and hearing some of your wonderful stories of your dad and his service. Thanks! You and your family saw a LOT of service time. Appreciate you bud!

      To the Old Breed!
      Always on the lookout for quality WWII U.S. Paratrooper items! [email protected]


        Great family story. Families like yours are the heartbeat of our great country. Your dad's story is fantastic.
        Semper Fi - Bob


          Matt, thanks for sharing. Great family service pics and stories. From your Dad's ribbons he must have also been involved in the operations surrounding the liberation of the Philippines during 1944-45. Lots of Navy APA's were there too.


            I want to put out a big thanks to John Green
            He saw these photos and offered to put some color in them.
            He does some amazing work.

            Check it out
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              Great photos its a shame we get old. Rob
              God please take justin bieber and gave us dio back


                Some Things In Common

                Thank you for posting. My father was also on APAs in the Pacific War. He was a medic/Pharmacist's Mate. He got his first battle star at Iwo Jima, the second one
                at Okinawa. He went in at Iwo with the first wave and was there the first 9 days. Coming out overloaded with wounded they got diverted to pick up survivors from the kamikaze-stricken carrier CVC Bismarck Sea. He steamed in to Tokyo Bay with the flotilla that included the USS Missouri BB63; his ship (USS Dickens APA 161) was
                6th in line behind the Mo. I have put the story and stories of his service time together in a booklet for posterity. We need to keep this history alive. Thanks to WAF
                for this forum. Best; James


                  Hi James

                  Thanks for the information.
                  My Dad was on the USS Missoula APA-211

                  I think his ship was also in Tokyo Bay for the surrender too. He mentioned they brought a little old
                  Japanese guy on the ship as a harbor guide or something and all these guys were holding guns on him
                  like he was going to do something to the ship.
                  He got a kick out of that.
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                    Thanks for sending photo. Interesting you dad's ship was named for Missoula, MT,
                    a place not too far from where I grew up.

                    My dad had a similar story to tell about the harbor pilot(s) in Tokyo Bay.




                      Definitely the type of families that make America great. Thank you for your service.
                      When you go home
                      Tell them for us and say
                      For your tomorrow
                      We gave our today

                      --Inscription in the 5th Marine Division cemetery,
                      Iwo Jima 1945


                        Originally posted by WalterB View Post
                        Definitely the type of families that make America great. Thank you for your service.

                        Always on the lookout for quality WWII U.S. Paratrooper items! [email protected]


                          Originally posted by bobgee526 View Post
                          Families like yours are the heartbeat of our great country.
                          I couldn’t agree more with this comment. Thanks for posting.

                          I was US Army too, with two older brothers in the navy. I get it.


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