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Named M1 Fixed Bale with USMC Cover for review

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    Named M1 Fixed Bale with USMC Cover for review


    Up for review is the first M1 helmet I've acquired. It's a front seam, fixed bale with heat number 277A and khaki chinstraps, brass buckles. The liner is CAPAC with khaki webbing. The helmet looks like it has has been repainted. Do you think that's a field repaint?

    The USMC camo cover seems to be an original looking at the stitching and lack of the horrible Pac-Man the fakes have. Also has different initials on camo cover.

    I'm not having any luck finding the Army service number in the online databases. Perhaps one of the records lost in the fire? I have found two Veteran graves that match the initials and last name. Their draft cards also put them in the correct Army Corps 8 area. Hoping to see if this shell belonged to an Army guy in the Pacific.

    Thank You!

    This one seems to be making its rounds. IIRC has popped up for sale in a couple places. I passed on it, as it looks like a put-together to me. Original parts, but condition not matching across them - including the new sweatband. I mainly liked the named shell, but was unable to find any information either.


      No records on the AAD for 38465044.
      There's a death certificate for a G. W. Hatten (not W. G. Hatten) but numbers don't match.

      Sure the records may have been lost in the fire. Let's hope someone is able to locate something on the name or number
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        Camo Cover


        The camo cover is an original. I agree with the other assessments - put together rig.



          Thank for the input! The USMC cover is what attracted me to the helmet. I've been wanting an original USMC helmet but having a ASN in the helmet throw that off right away.

          I'm definitely hoping to find info on the name in the shell. I think I have narrowed it down to two possible individuals from a grave search and finding their Draft Cards on

          William Gerald Hatten
          DoB: 30 Jan 1924
          Death: 26 Feb 1968
          Place of Birth: Anderson, Kansas
          Place of Residence when Drafted: Edinburg Texas
          Enlistment: April 1943
          Release: 26 Feb 1968 (Died from Cancer while serving)
          Service: Air Force

          Walter Gibbs Hatten
          DoB: 15 Aug 1924
          Death: 13 Jul 1990
          Place of Birth: Chelsea, Oklahoma
          Place of Residence when Drafted: Chelsea, Oklahoma
          Enlistment 4 Feb 1943
          Release: 9 Mar 1956
          Service: Army

          I think maybe submitting an SF180 to NARA is the next possible path to see if the ASN matches to any other documents they have, if they still exist.


            Unless the helmet photographs are placed in this thread, this thread will be utterly useless as reference in the not too distant future when those photographs have disappeared from the hosting site.




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