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    m1 para helmet strange artwork

    Got this Para M1 in my collection but have only been able to summise what the artwork is about.I think gliderborne .It also looks like div overpaint Any comments would be great .
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      more pics

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        Anneke is a dutch female name and Aad is a male naam. The shield has the colours of a dutch flag. Probably painted over the unit sign. The tic has something to do with the company if i'm correct. Probably left behind after the liberation. If it needs another home let me know




          I agree Holland Liberation art work...Dutch names, Dutch flag...= souvenir liberation of The Netherlands !
          its a stretch... but perhaps used by a Dutch scout attached to US A/B (they were recruited as they knew the area)
          and he painted his flag, his name + girlfriend's name on the helmet and worn like this during the campaign!

          but I am leaning more towards the first scenario...Interesting piece. The art work is no doubt period done...purpose is just sketchy!


            I have been collecting for 28 years and have never come across a Hawley liner. I have over 60 M1 helmets and liners. Now I am seeing lots of them. Now popping out of the woodwork. Are they being reproduced? Bill


              Bill, the simple answer is yes they are. There is a man in England making very good copies using original helmet liners covered in fabric with new rivets. The two I acquired came from a box of helmet liners that were given to a county Civil Defense unit back in the 1950s and never used. A lot of this equipment is being sold off as it is very outdated (yellow CD radiac meters are popping up frequently also). I don't know if this accounts for all the Hawleys that are appearing though.


                I had 3 of those liners and I see them around here every now and then.If I really looked I guess I could find more.We have a lot of military bases around here in Williamsburg,Va so you see them.I know where there are some nice ones that were given to the Navy.I have seen boxs and boxs of them at the Marine museum in Quantico,Va and a lot of boxs of them at a local base.I am trying to buy them now.

                Dennis J
                Dennis Johnson


                  I am just saying I have an elderly friend that had a surplus store for decades here in Ohio. I have never seen one in his store. Most of my helmets came from him and the vets or family. I wouldn't know a real one if I had it in my hands. Bill


                    Here is another airborne liner. These are a bit of an anomaly as well. From what I have been told in the early 1960's Firestone made airborne liners were rebuilt using a WWII style airborne configuration. The rigger style yokes were removed and put beneath the A washers and the rigger holes were filled in with grey epoxy. These have only been seen on Firestone liners so far.


                      Help Identify this M1

                      I came across this informative thread and would like to share my M1.

                      I'm not a big helmet person. In fact, I don't know much about helmets at all, particularly American ones. I just acquired a small American helmet collection this week including one M1 helmet. Any assistance and information pertaining to this helmet and liner would be very much appreciated.


                        That shell is a late WW2 rear-seam, swivel bale with sewn on OD3 chinstraps. After WW2 the straps became the darker OD7 and were held on with buckles. The liner is much later, mid to late 1960s (Vietnam era), possibly even 1970s. You can unsnap the sweatband and read the stamp on the webbing under it which should give the date.
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                          some of mine my Hawley rayon and swivel bale love m1s
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                            Just a quick one, can some one give me some info on the two Helmets I've got. One has a liner and the second one pictured is just the shell.


                              Looks like a standard WW2 liner made by Westinghouse (I'm guessing, the photo is blurred). Both shells are WW2 vintage, the first one with the rim seam (AKA front seam) being the earlier of the two (1942-44), the second one is later (1944-45).


                                I know there are a lot of fakes out there,any help on this one?

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