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Sakazuki/Sake Cup - Golden Kite Order Recipient

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    Sakazuki/Sake Cup - Golden Kite Order Recipient

    Showing here a metal (non-magnetic) sake cup bearing a depiction of the Order of the Golden Kite on the inside, along with some Kanji lettering. Since the colour is gilt or golden, I assume this means that the owner of this sake cup was a Japanese Imperial Army or Navy recipient of this exclusively military award - conferred for bravely, leadership or command in battle - in one of the classes from 1st to 5th.

    On the underside outer edge are six Kanji characters. I am hoping that these might reveal the name and rank/affiliation of the award recipient.

    If one of the Forum members could kindly assist with a translation of the Kanji, I would be most grateful.

    Thanks and regards,

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    "Conquering Russia (1904-1905) triumphal return commemorative."


      Thank you, zachb! Is that a translation of the lettering on the inside of the cup where the image of the medal appears, or the six Kanji appearing on the underside outer rim...or do they both say the same thing?


        that’s the translation of the outside kanji. The inner kanji is a poem - and I can make out only a few kanji; not enough to google the content.

        — Guy


          Hello Guy...and thank you for your kind and helpful feedback.
          Question: Is it fair to assume that, since a depiction of the Order of the Golden Kite appears on the sake cup, the recipient of the cup was also a recipient of that award?


            Although it is almost certain that the recipient participated in that war, it is far from certain that he received the Order of the Golden Kite. That Order was used often as a general symbol of military service; it was depicted on a number of commemorative items. And this cup itself was not an official government award. It was probably given by a local reservist group, or maybe a village/town welcoming back committee, something of that nature.
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              Thank you “imperialjapan” for your response and clarification, which is much appreciated.


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