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Japanese volunteer at berlin 1945 ?

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    On a Twitter post he is described as a medical officer. .... which makes sense since his wiki bio states he was a medical doctor.
    All biographical information I find on Google seems to repeat the Wiki article word for word, so nothing new that I can find.

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      Thanks Guy for your support!
      Are you sure, that the Japanese gentleman in front of the airplane is Komori san / the same guy that shown in on the magazin? I'm missing the musstage. Could it be a guy called "Furumori " san? I can't find any further information about him.

      Curiouse to know, what happend to the estate of the German Pilot (owner of the photos).

      Do you know the source (title) of the magazin? Of Course, it's nonsense, nobody is wearing a SS-uniform there.

      BR, Chris


        1. I found this
        2. https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E6%9D%B1%E.../dp/B07MWXGDH5


          Originally posted by toyopintoyopin View Post
          Thanks. That subtitle on the bottom quarter of the book states:

          "Japanese Who Participated in the German-Soviet Battle"

          -- Guy
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            Originally posted by Striking 9th View Post
            This has been covered before on another forum. A famous author and 101 vet had wrote about coming across Japanese soliders in Normandy. There were pictures posted of mongolian men in german uniforms. Seeing these made the author think he had made an honest mistake but now it looks like he could have been right. Those pics would serve to back up the fact that they were at least there somewhere.
            You should check out a Korean movie called MY WAY. It's a story based on the captured "Japanese "soldiers who are Korean, he was in the Japanese army fight against Russians in Mongolia captured by the red army ,then sent to Siberia as labor, later captured by Greman army, it sounds crazy.

            My Way (Korean: 마이 웨이; RR: Mai Wei) is a 2011 South Korean war film produced, co-written and directed by Kang Je-gyu. It stars Jang Dong-gun, alongside Japanese actor Joe Odagiri and Chinese actress Fan Bingbing.
            This film is based on the story of a Korean named Yang Kyoungjong who was allegedly captured by the Americans on D-Day. Yang Kyoungjong was conscripted into the Japanese Imperial Army, the Red Army, and the Wehrmacht.



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