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Japanese Army Pilot Oxygen Maek

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    Japanese Army Pilot Oxygen Maek

    Hey guys...

    Any chance this is original? Straps are a bit different than what I have seen.

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    Sd.Kfz. 251/9 "Stummel" Restoration

    Any donations are welcome to help fund the restoration of this very rare vehicle.

    Mask and straps are correct for an IJA pilot - it is a real one. A hard to find item and most always have a oxidized, crumbly main hose like this one does too.

    I don't like anything about the flight cap - looks very hokey to me. Doesn't match any known IJA styles. Looks like someone saw some pictures of a IJN Type 3 and tried to create an "IJA version" - (which doesn't exist from any sources or collections I've ever seen)

    Would comment that although it is rare, it is also fragile and should not be displayed on a pilot mannequin face where gravity and light can further decay it. Kind of a double edged sword really. Best to preserve this by laying it flat and sealing in a nitrogen display case! I know - that would suck, but that is the other edge - it is fragile and will turn to crumbled dust in the years ahead so be careful what you invest into it. IMO
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