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6214th Air Base Group Shirt + Addition...

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    6214th Air Base Group Shirt + Addition...

    I lost out on this shirt earlier this year, and I was a little angry with myself-- until I went through my records and discovered a patch had been added. (Ascots got switched, too!)

    As a party suit collector, it always irritates me to see people tinker with them.

    What has me confused is what does the 633rd Special Operations Wing (Pleiku Air Base, South Vietnam) have to do with the 6214th Air Base Group (Tainan Air Station, Taiwan)?! Also, it sold for less with the 633rd patch added. So, I'm not sure what anyone was trying to accomplish.

    (The last photo illustrates it is the same uniform, as I know guys sometimes bought multiple suits with different patch combinations.)

    I hope no one on WAF bought this!
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    That's extremely irritating indeed. I remember finding a good 362nd TEWS flight suit in Vietnam, direct embroidered. I did not enough cash with me and came back a few days later. The dealer had added horrible reproduction patches to the suit to make it look better. Removing them would have left very visible stitch marks. So I did not buy it. The seller did not understand what the problem was. Go figure.


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