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    When weekend warriors jump in a collectors forum and try to play games with old salts they are found out soon enough.



      Originally posted by kammo man View Post
      When weekend warriors jump in a collectors forum and try to play games with old salts they are found out soon enough.
      Well, I KNOW you're not referring to me, I'm a keyboard commando...

      I'm actually jealous of you guys-- I wish eBay had something I wanted bad enough to contact a seller... But, more power to ya! Although, one time a dealer did end an auction early and sell me the item for 25% less than the opening bid. That made me feel special.

      Back on subject-- thankfully I have never had to deal with this guy causing everyone so many headaches. Sorry to hear about all the trouble. He's the type who really takes the joy out of the hobby. And, horror stories like that are what keep me from selling/shipping international.

      Just keep after him, and hopefully someday eBay will wake up and end such nonsense, or maybe he will get the message and change his behavior. (Hey! Miracles DO happen!)


        A key board commando is not a weekend warrior.

        A butter face is not a hot rocket.


          Originally posted by juoneen View Post
          It is obvious to me that e bay could solve many problems by working with collector forums of not just militaria, but other types of collectibles .

          We know the problems, and are the eyes and ears, but so far they obviously do not care. We are the ones who take it in the shorts since control of our hobby has actually opened the doors to Now be dominated by the criminal element, thus losing business from many who otherwise would be patronizing e bay.

          The changes of excessive fees and confusing policy's has made e bay a place I personally quit due to their refusal to address many issues I feel makes them weaker and actually part of the problem Because of policy changes that are counter productive and only for greed to increase their profits, not make it better.

          Until e bay gets serious about changing bad policy's that allow control by ripp off dissidents, I urge all here to pull out, and complain to e bay by e mail or written letter and find other venues to substitute, as it is obvious it's diversification through e bay profits has created a monster and just doesn't give a crap .

          Until such a time e bay will just degenerate to a place soon to not resemble its original purpose and the future look bleek.
          E-bay has already reached that point they are a joke.
          I just use them for free world wide advertising and sell outside to the first decent offer,no fees no problems just free advertising!
          use them up just like they are using most sellers.


            Just talked with ANOTHER seller who had to relist his NPFF shirt because galoobfreak didn't pay. I gave the seller his other known EBAY name so he can block that name too.


              As an Ebay seller of militaria (currently with a stock of Vietnam material) I want to take a minute here to thank you guys for bringing this to my attention.

              I just received this message:

              New message from: galoobfreak (1,164Red Star)

              My bid would not go through for item #161966889788 because of a website session timeout error.
              I offer $175 plus shipping for this item.
              You could just send a cancel transaction request to the buyer or use the cancel sale option.
              This is well within your rights considering the circumstance that prevented you from getting the maximum out of this auction.


              Setting aside the fact that I wouldn't do such a thing anyway to an honest bidder who had cast his bid appropriately in good faith and won...or the assumption that I would be so greedy and unprincipled to accept the offer...I recognized the name from this thread and knew immediately who I was dealing with.

              Now he's on my blocked bidder list. Thanks again, and please, let's be sure to put up any other user names that might fall under this category of "eminently bannable."


                That is pretty arrogant.

                Under his other name, macv-museum, he won a SEAL float coat. So I contacted the seller to see if he got paid. The seller said he did get paid. I was kinda surprised as he has a habit of not paying under this I.D. as well.
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                  Spike, not sure if you seen this post over on the other forum concerning the individual in this thread.

                  I would not be suprised if the SEAL Float coat gets "lost in the mail" and a claim filed. He paid for the patch he won from me but then refused to pay for tracked shipping, which caused me to cancel the sale.


                    I saw that. I'm not surprised.

                    Judging by others comments about that very thing I wouldn't be surprised either.


                      Just heard from ANOTHER seller that has been stiffed by galoobfreak/Vigard.

                      I don't understand why you would bid on something and NOT pay for it. I'm sure he has a good "excuse".

                      Since I KNOW bushmaniac has been on the site and has seen this post. I and everyone else would be curious as to why he does this? He wins some cool items then doesn't pay....weird.

                      I'm sure he won't respond which is typical.

                      I'm sure he whined to the mods which is also typical.


                        I'm beginning to think that our "friend" from Norway is not too happy with me and others that have commented on this topic. He only has himself to blame. My original post is 100% true and factual. I mean, how did I end up with the 2 shirts pictured that he won, outbidding me fair and square? Why did the seller relist them? There is only one reason!

                        Bushmaniac/galoobfeak/Vegard, am I lying? Are the others that posted on here liars? Instead of whining to the moderators and playing the victim, why not just explain why you bid on items and don't pay or reply to the claims that several others have made?

                        This whole thread would have NEVER been started if you had simply done what millions of other EBAY bidders do all the time and every single day, PAY FOR THE ITEMS YOU BID ON AND WIN.

                        To be honest, I'm GLAD you failed to pay, I got 2 really cool shirts. Oh by the way, I ended up paying the price YOU bid/won the shirts for, NOT what I bid on them.


                          There was a Tiger Stripe set pants and shirt (listed in 2 auctions) offered on Ebay by a US seller. The TS set was to a former USMC pilot (helicopter?).
                          The set sold to a guy in Norway with 0 feedback.. Seller had it re-listed (2nd) after a few days.
                          The shirt sell to a 0 feedback guy for 510 something $.
                          A few hours after, it is re-listed again..
                          I contact the seller and he explained that the 2 highest bidder on the shirt (2nd time listed) was both 0 feedacks and both was listed to the same guy in Norway...!!
                          Seller said, this is just a nightmare.
                          He re-listed (3rd time) it under buy it now.

                          For us that are buying from US and need the sellers "international sales" are being "hurt" by this jacka** if there is something we really want for our collection.

                          Spikey, do you know this clowns real name?


                            Yes, it's Vigard Larsen. Try and find out what the 2 other ID's were if you can. He is ruining it for all you Euros trying to get items.

                            I know he won an ERDL beret the other day, odds are he won't pay for it. But of course, he is always the victim and we are all liars picking on him. Nothing is his fault. I wish I could post a message that was given to me in confidence on how galoobfreak screwed another seller, same MO as with all the other sellers he's jacked around. He not only jacks around the sellers but he screws up all the bidders he beats out. EBAY will NEVER do anything to him and he'll just get a new ID anyway. It's up to the community as a whole to keep an eye on his shenanigans and hopefully save a lot of headaches and drama for any other sellers either here, USMF or EBAY.

                            I was looking at galoobfreak's feedback and noticed there were over 10 "This comment has been removed by eBay." I, and I'm sure others who know the EBAY game, know this to be an attempt by the seller to leave some sort of negative feedback for auctions galoobfreak won and didn't follow through on. I have a list of 10 sellers who had comments removed.
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                              Here is the auction.




                                How do you know this 0 bid guy is Mr. Norway?


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