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The Last Days of Vietnam

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    The Last Days of Vietnam

    From 5-7 February, the Academy Award nominee American Experience documentary "Last Days in Vietnam" will be available for free on-line viewing at:


    What a fabulous documentary. Absolutely fabulous. Heart rending.



      Thank you for posting this info !!! Tom


        Something I remember well and have no interest in reliving it. Sorry.


          Originally posted by jerryrehr View Post
          Something I remember well and have no interest in reliving it. Sorry.
          You may not, but many of the lessons remain unlearned.

          I might actually throw down some coin and buy and actual copy.


            THE LAST DAYS OF VIET NAM is mainly about the evacuation process, or lack thereof, under the leadership. or lack thereof , of Graham Martin, the Ambassador to Viet Nam. It can still be seen today on the interenet. Click through the prompts to the video. A little over an hour and a half long. Stupendous production.
            Frank Snepp, the former CIA chief in Viet Nam is one of the many people interviewed.
            He also wrote the book DECENT INTERVAL, a great book about the Viet Nam debacle. If you read it, you'll be one pissed off puppy!
            I believe the government sued Snepp and finally were able to lay claim to all of the royalties that he had collected from the book.
            This is must see viewing, whether you were there or not. We left hundreds of thousands of our people behind, because of political ineptitude and just not giving a damn about people because, after all, they were just "slopes", right??!!?


              This show was fantastic worth the time to watch it. Going to watch it again once more to take it all in again. Thank you for posting the Info and Link.



                Thanks DMK for posting this!

                I remember it well and will never forget!

                Saigon1965 -


                  Hundreds of thousands of "our people?"
                  It was their country as I recall.
                  We were there at the request of a government we had recognozed.
                  They asked us to help train and equip their forces and to stabalized the NLF insurrection and NVA incursions until they could take over and continue on theit own.
                  They failed to do that for a great many reasons.
                  Political corruption and lack of aggression high among them.
                  It was their country and they were their own people.
                  We had no responsibility to take them anywhere.
                  That's nuts.
                  The folks who really got screwed were the tribal people we had convinced to help in the effort.
                  Retropspectively, it has been suggested that all this was the continuation of an eons old struggle in this whole area by various and sundry elements jostling for control under one murky premise or another.
                  This information was given to Pres Johnson in 1968 by a special committee and was another basis for our withdrawal.
                  The reports by NVA generals that we had them on the ropes may or may not be true-I doubt they were ready to give in by any means.
                  By the 70s, our efforts were waning and our troops were very disinterested and aware nobody at home had their back.
                  People try to simplify this and that won't fly.
                  I have seen all the misery I care for. Won't be watching this.


                    Yes, our people. I recall that they had a country. The Communists, who have no country, only a thought for tyranny & repression, violated the Paris Accords. These people relied on us, just like the Hmong tribesmen did.
                    They worked for us as secretaries, cooks, interpreters, laundresses, a multiplicity of military functios also. I can't say that the government was perfect, far from it. But these people weren't the government.
                    When you look at what the Russian Communists did to the Ukrainians in the 1930's, starving them to death, the purges & show trials in the 30's, 40's & 50's, what the Chinese did to their people and are still doing today....all of the executions which, if the numbers were to be made known, which would make the Third Reich look like an amateurish operation & which would pale in comparison. Now these were their own people that they were killing. What the Communist North Vietnamese did to the people that were friendly to and worked with the Americans and other Allies is another ball of wax. They murdered them and starved them to death in their 're-education' camps. We had a moral obligation to help these people. This is supposed to be what set the Americans apart from the rest of the world.....our sense of morality, our sense of responsibility. You could depend on an American because we kept our word. We dropped the ball because of a lapse in our humanity, in our government, in our people. It started in the Kennedy Administration and has continued without any abatement since then, whether the party in the White House was a Republican or a Democrat. We lsot our moral compass. We've gotten lost and don't know what we're doing anymore. I think it was the beginning of the "ME" generation that has caused it. There is no plan from administration to administration for a long term policy towards the rest of the world. I could go on and on, but I don't have the answer. Just, oh so many questions.......


                      TP, I echo your sentiments, thank you!

                      Over the years I have had a opportunity to talk to many Vietnamese military members who have emigrated to the United States or other countries. Many served long sentences in concentration camps and suffered the abuses on a daily basis. If you were a officer and served in a elite unit you were known. Many refused to talk about their time spent in prison, and it is only talking to their children did I learn how they suffered.

                      One thing that I have found from all those who are now enjoying their freedom in the United States, is that they are very grateful and have no grudges about their abandonment.

                      For me I do not forget, will NEVER forget and never forgive those mother F------S that were in Congress that cause the fall and resulting suffering.................., I guess that is because of my Korean temper.

                      Stupidity still reigns in our leadership today, and as my son who is in Afghanistan told me " Dad, I hope you know that we have a ton of stupid people in the country, and after a few generations of their marring each other we are F----K!!!!!!

                      My one wish is that North Korea is not stupid enough to attack the South. That for me would be a crime after what they have done to rebuild themselves from the ruins of war.

                      History repeats itself, and it seems we do not acknowledge or learn from it.

                      I have always remembered this statement since I was six "Speak softly and carry a large stick". Today we are so Politically Correct that we are afraid of our own shadows, WHY can't we just call a SPADE A SPADE!


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