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Need info on Police Special Branch patch

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    Need info on Police Special Branch patch


    Looking for any clues on how this patch could have looked like, i have heard of its existence during the first half of the 60s. Probably only for a short period. Any help is welcome.

    If you have any further unkown south vietnamese police patches please post them.



    Here are Police patches from my collection. Some of these are known, but some I do not have proper Id's on.

    bottom row 1st patch on left is and Administrative unit. bottom row 3rd from left is likely a training or school unit.

    If anyone can give me the correct designations on these, thank you.

    HCMT I hope this helps your thread along.
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      Hi Jack,
      these are identified by Smyth as follows although i suspect you have the same reference to hand!

      Worth posting for viewers of the thread all the same though. Perhaps cloth specific members here have additional details i am lacking, i have never really collected cloth insignia per se.

      Top row - L to R;

      Traffic Police.

      Unknown (although the translation is reported as Security & Order on the text).


      Police Service for the People (no details on the organisational specifics of the patch).

      Bottom Row - L to R;

      Police Administration.

      Judicial/Justice Police.

      National Police Institute.

      Control Centre - Heeadquarters.


        Many Thanks Patrick, Happy Holidays.


          An Ninh Trat Tu=security/safety/order.

          for my guess so far, this unit was part of the police bloc (branch) order and traffic police, the order police was in charge of public order and sanitation, fixing regulation to protect VIPs and participating in ceremonies.

          Maybe NTS can show us one his great Pocket Hangers.




            Police Special Branch

            There was a patch for the special branch...

            it was around in the mid sixties. I did have a photo of one but it was lost in a hard drive crash ages ago. It's about 70mm tall.



              Here you are Alex :

              This one is for a training center, north of Thu Duc.


                And this one is for the MP combined patrols.


                  RW, thank you for the info ! One more patch to find.


                    Richard you are the best, what a fantastic patch .

                    NTS , i love your Pocket Hanger Rach Dua training center, thats realy a rare one

                    thanks guys



                      Uuummmmmmm sexy patches Gents
                      Kind regards Simon.


                        Hello all,

                        This is probably crazy but after 3 years of searching and finally making an account for this website, I found the patch my grandpa wore in the police thanks to you guys. He joined the police in 1971 after 6 years in the army, graduating from Thu Duc in '65. He really enjoyed his time while in the CSQG as he worked at the Bo Tu Lenh (Headquarters), but it was hard to find what he wore due to losing the pictures and a hazy memory. You guys probably aren't going to see this post but I want to express my gratitude nonetheless. Thank you again.


                          thanks we could help


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