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Camouflage uniforms of the Vietnam Wars Part 1: French Indochina.

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    And matching trousers .
    These should be considered quite rare .
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      Not cammo but a big part of the overall story , here is a USMC 1st pattern jump jacket .
      Copied from the German jacket the yanks went all out with this item .
      Designed for a days combat this garment sported many pockets .
      French designers took note and used the pockets as a template for the 47 series of uniforms .
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        These pockets would find there way onto the French 47-51 s and all models after .
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          The camouflage jungle pack also made its way to Vietnam .
          This one is dated 1943 and is mint
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            As always, extremely informative posts! Why write a book, when you can just post on a forum?
            Seriously though, great posts! I am sure everyone is not only envious, but getting very worked up about what is next to come, as am I!!!


              Hello all,

              as per Owens request elsewhere, here are some further period photographs from the bounty that is the "Life" archive.

              These shots show the classic mixed camouflage look of French Union troops.

              Of particular note are the amazing locally made berets. The shadow cast by Western camo patterns loomed large in the Vietnamese camouflage psyche for quite some time.

              Make this beret smaller and you could be looking at a beret from a decade in the future.

              Note too the US jacket worn by the man to the right and rear, and the mixture ( and indeed lack of ) footwear.

              Just look at the beret!

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                A closer look at the US and British supplied Camouflage.


                  A look at another locally made beret as seen by a man in the same unit as the troops posted above.

                  He too has a beret made out of British windproof to match his other garments.

                  Wonderful headgear.


                    Windproof Berets !!!!!
                    O happy days


                      Windproof Berets !!!!!
                      O happy days

                      Here is a shot of wounded French & colonial troops being evacuated by helicopter for further treatment.

                      Again, a grim precursor to the later US involvement...

                      Note again camo patterns of British, French and US origin.

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                        Here is the most common USMC jacket as used in Vietnam .
                        It is the m-44 jacket .

                        The frogskin jacket was the basis of the Beogam pattern .
                        This pattern still had to be born in 10 years time !!!
                        Most of the Frogskin shapes were carried foward by the Viets , who being masters of improvision made do with what they had .
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                          The chest pockets were closed by pop studs .
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                            Further examples of US camouflage in use.

                            Of note in this famous EPCA photograph are the mixture of French and US webbing, and the modified M1 helmet.

                            The troops from the 2eme BEP are also wearing a mix of French and US uniform items.

                            The photo is dated 1953.
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                              Another fine image from ECPA.

                              This paratrooper points to damage caused during deployment in the battle of the black river circa 1951.

                              Of interest are his twin cell ammo pouches...
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                                This famous shows my last posting USMC jacket in use .
                                Over the years this shot is one of my all time numba 1 shots of the first Indo china war !!!!
                                A collectors dream .
                                so much going on and in use .


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