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WW1 Imperial Metal Picklehauben helmet, urgent help needed!

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    WW1 Imperial Metal Picklehauben helmet, urgent help needed!

    Hi all,

    I was offered this helmet from a friend who just bought it, and was wondering what a fair price to pay would be. The helmet is an unusual metal version I have never seen before, missing the chinstrap, two cockades and has a dent in the side. Liner appears unusually nice and so does the standard front plate. Apologies for the photos as well, these were all I was sent but I will try to get more soon.

    Would this version have special cockades, and what would a reasonable value/price to pay be in its current condition? Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    These pics are just insufficient to say much. As to your question about the cockades, these would be regular ones i.e. those that would go on a regular EM Pickelhaube.


      300 euros


        Looks like he just bought it from a junk shop. If hes your friend he should let you have it for what he paid for it plus a few beers. If hes your "friend" then I would pay $300 provided it was all original ( cant tell from photos) and hope to get $550 on ebay for it . Rob
        God please take justin bieber and gave us dio back


          Hi all,

          Here are a few better pictures sent to me, as promised- hope these help a bit. Thank you for the help and mention of the cockades being the regular type.



            A very nice Spike helmet with original paint


              Looks like a nice helmet. I am not sure about the price of this type but I would have no problems paying 500 euro or more for that helmet. With an original chin strap and cockades it should do at least 800 euro.


                Yes these photos are better I would agree with Kaiser on the price ( but he's your friend so you should get it cheap) Rob
                God please take justin bieber and gave us dio back


                  Thanks all, I appreciate the help!


                    I also agree with Kaiser on the price. This is a fairly uncommon ersatz Metallhelm, designated "Ersatz Stahlblech, M-14" in Jürgen Krause's reference. It saw only limited service in dismounted formations (likely not front-line) in early 1915. It may have been used in various support battalions in rear echelons or at home throughout the war.

                    Yours appears ti have the correct darkened metal frontplate, spike and posts, and the correct liner. It would use the standard cockades and mine came with a standard M-15 chinstrap (gray metal fittings), although it might have been issued with the brass mounted strap originally. It is finished in a feldgrau paint, almost olive in tone similar to the finish on the early M-16 Stalhelm.



                      Using Robert's designation, "ersatz Metallhelm, designated "Ersatz Stahlblech, M-14" in post number 10

                      This field grey version of the ersatz Metallhelm Pickelhaube always sell for very, very good prices. They are sought after especially in good, complete condition with lots of paint remaining.

                      They sell for at least double what a regular mint condition leather 1915 Prussian Pickelhaube would sell for but I have seen them go for a lot more than double the price of excellent Prussian Pickelhaube depending on the condition.

                      If you can buy that one then do not hesitate, get it while you have the chance. Apart from the dents that example looks to be in excellent condition (dents add character too, one can speculate as to them being war-time or not) .

                      As far as your friend selling it to you cheap, that is between you and your friend. There are two ways to look at it, should he make money out you or should you make money out of him ???

                      Sometimes money can be a test of friendship which only those involved can answer. May-be you can meet half way

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                        I had one of these examples that I purchased at a Kansas City military show back in around 2008 or 2009, one of the last years they held the show. I was very lucky to pick it up during set up, for a mere $90 from a fellow dealer.

                        My example was missing the leather liner, but had the felt band in it, and it was also nicely 'B.A...…" marked as many of them are on this particular model, under the back visor.

                        I sold mine about a year later on eBay for $760.00 with no liner, no chinstrap, and no kokardes, just as I had acquired it.

                        The paint on your example looks to be a little nicer condition than the one I had.

                        Best Regards,



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