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Bavarian pilot badge Karl Pöllath made from silver

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    the last two badges are identical in every aspect to the ones I got from Tony . BTW
    regards Mario


      Hello Mario !

      I just replyed to your thread about this Pilot badges.
      Unfortunately not ww1 original period badge.
      Seller returned it to ex-owner.



        thanks here too ..!
        regards Mario


          Hi Mario,
          Several readers informed me of this thread and I think this is fantastic. For my own research I must admit that I never held the badge in my hand, but had only the same photos to inform my opinion. In making the comparison with the known Pollath type the important details which stood out to me were the damaged triangle at the bottom of the crown left, and the spoked rear wheel of the plane. On the reverse I felt good about the top hinge well and the lower portion of the badge where it dips below the catch. Then I went on a search for another badge that looked like this one. I could not find an example or I would have photographed it myself. So I asked the then owner to supply me with the photos instead. This is the reason I only have four in the book and they are not an exploded view as you see on other pages. I can say with confidence this is a derivative of a Pollath badge (is it a cast, I cannot tell from the materials I had), and as I examined the anomalies (which I point out in a side-by-side of the plane) I am still not convinced this is a reproduction. I would submit that even if one half of the brain likes the badge, that is a 50-50 split of one's own personal opinion. My good friends here and I have have discussed this badge without conclusion. I think it is a private purchase piece, and state so in the book as it being a likely candidate. It certainly does not have the features of a textbook Pollath. But it is wonderful to continue the debate and if the dies are discovered, or more copies surface from collections then I am happy to be convinced otherwise and open to the possibility. Keep researching!


            Ahh, the Previtera voice of reason. Always good to digest ! Ferg


              Dear Stephen!

              First congratulations for very well , detailded and nice presented quality made book Imperial Sky . I like it very much.
              I'm also an author of militaria orders book but on total different area and I know how hard you must to work to built your own collection to get all details ,photos,translates,designing, informations from missing parts of exist collection from other collectors World Wide , life time research and work on this project , support of friends collectors, museums ,.. and family to write an book!
              And still on the end you can get some wrong informations... I dont see any problems here everyone can make mistakes or get wrong informations from some other person and for some things in life we will never know the answer !

              Lets go back to this badge, agree with Mr. Previtera very nice and well made ,
              when I saw this badge first time I was 100% shure that is original on first eye.
              Now when I get it on offer I want to get correct confirmation if this badge is original or reproduction. Which type is it and from which period in the case that is original .
              Badge have very simmilar back plate like Bavarian observer but very bad details on several parts ( crown, wreath , plane , back plate , pin ,markes mark ,...) to be early pre textbook Karl Pöllath 800 badge,..later also not because Pöllath make hollow badge from cheepest materials, post war so called replaced pieces for veterans from 20's possible...but again question why total different die construction , also pin is not textbook Pöllath but more Juncker..
              To confirm Year of production and with that close the case , someone will need to do analise of material..

              Best Regards


                Originally posted by mario1 View Post
                the last two badges are identical in every aspect to the ones I got from Tony . BTW
                regards Mario
                That's because they are the badges I sold you Mario. The poster linked to my photos on my web site using my bandwidth and did not even give me the courtesy of saying they are from Kaiser's Bunker.

                Thank you Stephen very much for posting. I know you are always very busy. I appreciate it.


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