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Michał "plaut" Pniewski

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    R.I.P. Michal,
    a sad loss to the collecting fraternity, condolences to the family,,,,,, :-(


      Originally posted by Yeoman View Post
      I really can't believe this. This is sad news indeed.
      Michal always seemed so vigorous and active with his many and helpful posts on this site.
      He was a font of knowledge in the truest sense of the word and I always marvelled at his ability to identify crosses - often from pretty poor pictures !

      I really feel as if I've lost a major influence, help and encouragement to my collecting.

      The cross below was Plauts' favourite so he told me and I so I would like to add it to this thread as a tribute to Michal and his expertise.

      Whilst looking through some old posts this morning i felt the sadness come rolling back to me as Michals name appeared on the screen in front of me

      The cross above is very similar in its patination to a cross that i bought from M around 2 years ago.It is a common "65" stamped Klein&Quenzer Oberstein 1939 cross but i remember him clearly saying to me "You are drooling over that one Ross arnt you!" i had to chuckle as he knew i love the dark patination to the silver on Eks as much as he did,i look at it every day and i would never part with it

      I know you all feel the same friends,



        with a huge delay read that this is not over between us Plaut .. God of strength for his family. your journey on earth ended, will now collect elsewhere .. forever remember of a Business I did with him, ........ RIP MY FRIEND ..


          Wow, I haven't been on the forum all that much recently and am returning to collecting. It is terribly sad to see something like this. I always loved seeing his newest medal bar and what he was able to find about it.

          I know its been a year, but still, I hope his family is doing well. He will be remembered as long as the forum is around. His cheerful posts about medal bars will be missed. Rest in Peace.


            So two years have passed. He was a good man and collector.

            WR Kirill


              Today is the day of the birthday of our friend - Michał Pniewski vel "Plaut."
              R.I.P my friend!


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