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    Ultimate medal bar

    Dear Imperial Collectors

    I have seen many great medal bars posted by you guys, some of you even reconstruct several famous persons' medal bars. I think most of you guys who collect or reconstruct medal appreciated the history and personal stories behind those medal bars but have you guys ever thought about reconstructing a medal bar based on quality and design of the orders and awards? I want to construct a medal bar some day and here is the list of orders and awards I would want for my bar.

    1870 EK2 with Oak and 1914 bar
    Red eagle order 3rd(if possible) or 4th class with crown and swords
    Crown order 3rd class with swords
    Royal Hohenzollern knight with swords

    Military Order of Max Joseph knight
    Military Merit Order 3rd Class with crown Swords
    Military Merit Order 4th Class with crown Swords

    Military Order of St. Henry knight
    Albert Order Knight 1st Class with crown and swords
    Merit order knight's 1st class with swords

    Order of the W├╝rttemberg crown knight's cross with lions and swords
    Military merit order knight's cross with crown

    Grand Duchies, Duchies and Principalities
    Baden's military Karl Friedrich merit order knight's cross
    Order of Berthold I knight's cross with swords
    Order of the Zahringen lion 1st class with Oak and swords
    Military Merit Order of Charles Frederick knight's cross

    Oldenburg's house and merit order of duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig knight's cross with swords

    Brunswick's Henry the Lion Order Knight's Cross 1st class

    Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach's house order of the White Falcon knight's cross 1st and 2nd class with swords
    The Ducal Saxe-Ernestine house order knight's cross 1st and 2nd class with swords

    Foreign countries
    Turkey's order of Osmania 4th class with swords

    Russia's order of Saint Stanislas 3rd class with swords

    Of course all these orders above must be made of real gold if possible. I don't know if I will ever be able to find or afford all these orders and construct this super medal bar but this is the dream I have.

    Best regards


    You aren't by any chance one of those so-called pituary giants, are you? Because that is what you would have to be in order to sport your medal bar around. Don't get me wrong, it would be pretty keen, and the medal bar groupie chicks would dig it.


      Only cost about 80 thousand too.

      I can only think in up-to-three-figures!


        WOW! Are you planning on robbing a bank in the near future? I would love to see the end result of your dream.

        Good Luck,



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