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Were any EKs awarded for Freicorps actions?

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    Originally posted by PaulR View Post
    Thank you all for this intriguing conversation. I’ve learned so much. I know what the silasian awards are, but what we’re they for? Were they considered to be valor awards?
    (Stufe) Grade II - for 3 months exemplary service in the same unit
    (Stufe) Grade I - for 6 months exemplary service in border protection in the same unit

    In exceptional cases, the second grade could also be awarded to civilians who had rendered outstanding service in the defense of Silesia.

    It was instituted on the 16 of June 1919 by VI. Armee-Korps Generalleutnant Friedrich von Friedeburg.

    The official announcement reads as follows:

    The "Schlesisches Bewährungsabzeichen" (Silesian Probationary Badge, but usually translated as the Silesian Defense Badge) is awarded in two grades for members of the Border Guards VI. Army Corps, which have come to arms in the time of greatest distress of the province, as an outward sign of honorable memory and patriotic common sense, and for all those who in 1918 and 1919 were available as fighters for the defense of the native soil.

    On 1 July 1921 Lieutenant-General a. D. Karl Hoefer as leader of the self-defense forces in Upper Silesia in agreement with the headquarters of VI. Army Corps instituted the oak leaves to the Silesian Eagle. In addition, the swords were introduced later in the same year.

    The introduction of the addition to the badge of oakleaves, swords and oakleaves and swords was done in recognition of continued service during the Second and Third Polish Uprisings.


      The Grade 1 eagle was not supposed to be awarded to Civilians, but there were a tiny handful on non combattant Silesian Eagles 1st class


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