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NVA Loyal Service Medals Levels

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    NVA Loyal Service Medals Levels

    Did the NVA loyal service medals recognize service in other armed organs prior to the creation of the NVA (e.g. KVP)? For example, would a person who began service in the KVP in 1953 and continued in the NVA be awarded a silver medal in 1963?


    Hi Jeff,

    yes, the years in the KVP have been included.

    For example:
    1954 KVP 5 Jahre Treue Dienste (Major)
    1957 NVA 5 Jahre Treue Dienste Bronze (Major)
    1959 NVA 10 Jahre Treue Dienste Silber (Oberstleutnant)
    1964 NVA 15 Jahre Treue Dienste Gold (Oberstleutnant)
    1969 NVA 20 Jahre Treue Dienste Gold 20 Jahre (Generalmajor)
    1979 NVA 30 Jahre Treue Dienste, only the document (Generalleutnant)

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      Thank you Uwe.


        Thanks Uwe for answering the question.
        Somebody, after all, had to make a start. What we wrote and said is also believed by many others. They just don't dare express themselves as we did. Quote - Sophie Scholl - White Rose resistance group


          I have a ribbon bar with 6 ribbons (older style cloth with plastic covers), and the dates don't seem to match.

          KVP Loyal Service Medal
          NVA Loyal Service Medal 5 Years
          NVA Loyal Service Medal 10 Years
          Waffenbrudershaft Medal
          NVA Merit Medal Bronze
          NVA Merit Medal Silver

          I understand the Waffenbrudershaft medal was authorized in 1966. So the 10 year service medal would place his service back 10 to 14 years which would be the early or mid 1950s which seems to make the KVP medal out of place. Any thoughts?

          Also, the Waffenbrudershaft ribbon has 3 orange bands which seems odd too. But I think I read in German Wikipedia that the bronze level was originally 3 bands for the first few years. Can anyone confirm this?



            Hi Jeff,

            the KVP medal or the Waffenbr├╝derschaft medal can be wrong, or the NVA medal Treue Dienste Gold is missing.

            The bands on the Waffenbr├╝derschaft ribbon changed in 1968; see my picture above: Bronze 1966, Gold 1982.



              I have seen ribbon bars with police medals mixed in with NVA medals, for example a police bronze Treue Dienste with NVA silver Treue Dienste.

              One possible scenario would be someone who started his career in the Deutsche Grenzpolizei and ended up in the Grenztruppen.


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