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    for example 4 Waffenbr├╝derschaft medals of a General.
    Three medals you can see on the medal bars, the Bulgarian medal is separate.
    For all the medals the original award documents exist. (I don`t have all his documents and decorations, but the most)

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      I was confused by this image (excellent and informative post BTW) in that it showed both in the image and in the text a gold and a bronze grade award but both with the 3 stripe ribbon.
      That is until I read Mike G's informative post:

      I've condensed it here to include only the ribbon stripe discussion:
      The WBS medal "first appeared on Feb 17, 1966. The medal was suspended from a 5 sided ribbon that was light gray with tangerine colored stripes.

      "Medals issued between 1966 through 1967 were unique, in that the number of bands appearing on the five sided ribbon followed the tradition of other Warsaw Pact countries medals. The gold medal had only one stripe. The silver medal had two and the bronze medal had three."

      On July 15, 1968, East Germany decided for whatever reason, to re-arrange the stripe count. The gold medal from this year forward, in keeping with other EG NVA medals, now had three stripes, the silver two, and the bronze one.

      In 1984, the medal changed one last time. None of the reference books were completely clear on when the ribbon transformation (darker gray color with dark orange stripes) occurred. But it appears most probable to have occurred in 84.

      I've seen ribbon stripe colors range from a orangish-red to very yellow color. I attribute that to age, maker, fading from the sun, wear, and the way the camera captured the image. I'm still confused but I'm slowly catching on. I think.
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      Eric Gaumann


        Hi Eric,

        to confuse you even more, see the ribbons on the picture: the left gold medal awarded 1982, the gold medal in the middle awarded 1983, and the right bronce medal awarded 1966.

        The colors on the middle gold medal ribbon are nearly the same as the colors on the bronce medal from 1966.

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