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What Communist Bloc Countries Do You Collect?

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    What Communist Bloc Countries Do You Collect?

    Here's a multiple choice survey for you, just to get a handle on exactly what areas we have strong interest in. I think Adrian or I can add extra countries onto the list, so if yours is missing, hold off "voting," contact us by PM, and we'll see about adding them for statistical accuracy.

    At this point, I myself am only collecting Soviet and Red Chinese, though I find myself slithering across collecting borders into North Korean and North Vietnamese-- but always from a Soviet recipient starting point. One thing that holds me back-- aside from the obvious "supply" problems is that I am almost always uncertain as to "prices."

    Don't get me wrong: I am NOT collecting "for investment," but purely for my OWN personal satisfaction. Maybe Item X is "worth" whatever National Currency Units... but not necessarily to ME. I see beautiful Mongolian awards, for instance, but except for 1938-39 and 1945, they are not really "for" much, and so I haven't been able to talk myself into shelling out large sums of cash. (I'd rather have a nice Soviet Red Banner documented group to Captain Whoeverov. )
    Soviet Union
    Peoples Republic of China
    German Democratic Republic
    North Korea
    North Vietnam

    Got somethin' against Magyars?


      What communist bloc countries do I collect?

      Why, the original and oldest one, of course: The Soviet Union.

      All of the others are just chips off the old bloc.


        FWIW...I've been collecting Mongolian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, and Czech medals (have not gotten any Soviet decorations in a long, long time). I prefer them over purely Soviet material inasmuch as they can be very attractive (RPR and Czech decorations are particularly well made), full of history and interest, and a LOT easier on the checkbook. Bulgarian in particular has been a great way for me to indulge in collecting some interesting and often scarce decorations without forfeiting ye olde mortgage payment

        I have to say that among my favorite decorations in my collection are a few Communist ones (all of which cost under $150):

        - Mongolian Order of the Polar Star, 1939-41 pattern (Uighur inscription instead of Cyrillic)
        - Romanian (RPR) Order of the Star 5th class in bronze (1st pattern 1948-1964)
        - Romanian (RPR) Order of the Star 5th class and 4th class (2nd pattern - 1964-1966)
        - USSR Order of the Friendship of Nations
        - Bulgarian Order of 9 September 1944 3rd class screwback with swords, maker marked


          Hungary added! Afraid that was a Freudian slip, or something, from my babyhood: the locals here were VERY much "1956" refugees.


            I really enjoy collecting the WWll-era Soviet Orders/medals, documents, daggers, groupings, etc. I have been very fortunate to have found some type-1, variation-1 medals from WWll. I like the early stuff. I recently picked up the Odessa and Sevastopol Defense medals, type 1. Two books I found most interesting are from Antony Beevor; 'Stalingrad' and 'The Fall of Berlin 1945'. I started off collecting Soviet militaria by purchasing 'Soviet Orders and Medals' by Paul McDaniel and Paul J. Schmitt. I highly recommend it to every beginner collector. It has been a great help to me. If anyone was to ask me which pieces I find the most desirable, for me it would have to be the Cavalier set of the Order of Glory. They're a beautiful set. I am impressed with the materials used in the manufacturing of the Soviet awards. They certainly didn't have a shortage of gold, silver or brass...and enamel.

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                I only collect Soviet awards. It's not that I have anything against other Commuist countries (after all, my grandmother was a "fresh off the boat" refugee from Hungrary) and indeed, many of my Soviet groups have foreign awards (including China, Vietnam, Bulgaria, etc.).

                The reason I enjoy collecting Soviet awards so much however is because they are so easily researchable. For example, I know that Nevsky number 28XXX belonged to Colonel X, which is something nearly impossible to do with any other nation's awards.

                I once bought several Bulgarian groups, and I think I seriously shocked the seller when I asked if I could access the man's service records in their archives! The response: "Why would you want to do that?"

                Additionally, Soviet awards are so darn nice looking... It's hard to beat the Friendship of Nations, Red Banner of Labor, or even just the military Red Banner!

                A final reason that I find these fascinating was because of the nasty fighting that the Soviets endured in WW2. Many of my groups belonged to men who served on the frontlines from June 1941 clear through to May 1945! How they could endure that is simply beyond me... I have a LOT of respect for them!



                  Dave, you are soooo right!
                  B&D PUBLISHING
                  Premium Books from Collectors for Collectors


                    Most Soviet awards are sweet!



                      My interest include:

                      - Soviet Union,
                      - Bulgaria,
                      - Romania,
                      - Yugoslavia,
                      - Mongolia,
                      - North Korea.

                      I also collect awards from these countries from Royal periods.



                        When I first joined the military, the Soviet stuff was the only thing I could afford. I somehow over a five year period managed to get about 98% of the Soviet medals and orders. I also have a small collection of Polish and Rumanian medals. I have been heavy into the East German Stuff now for about five years as well as WW2 German. I think that it is ironic that the Soviets allowed the Germans to retain a uniform that so resembled that of WW2. After all, all of the other Soviet states retained the Soviet style of uniform.

                        Looking for documents/items pertaining to Warsaw 1944 Uprising


                          the east germans in the early 50's issued soviet style uniforms to their
                          " police" armed forces but they quickly found out the general population
                          dispised this and would not show any respect for it.when the question of
                          what type of uniforms would be worn for the new army for 1956 i read that
                          there was heated debates between officials responsible for the uniform
                          " problem " . whermacht general and KC holder vincent muller and other
                          former whermacht officer's who were responsible for creating and leading
                          the NVA wanted to keep the german style uniform and military traditions.
                          in 1955 the whermacht style uniforms were introduced to the general public
                          and it was found that they favored the new
                          uniforms.keep in mind 2 years previous the 1953 uprisings against the soviets.
                          another big reason the soviets allowed the whermacht style uniforms was
                          in 1955 was the bundeswher was created and appeared in public for the
                          first time the soviet propaganda machine and communist east germans
                          accused the west germans of being puppets of the americans and the style
                          of their uniforms used as fuel for the fire.when the east german army went on
                          the march in jan.of 56 they wasted no time in using the uniform issue
                          again for propaganda puposes.the east german communist leaders stated
                          the new uniformed army was evidence that they were not puppets of the
                          soviets like the west were of the americans.
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                            I like to collect Soviet and East German medals and insignia. My favorite piece on the Soviet side is the Order of Friendship of Peoples, and my favorite piece on the DDR collection is the DDR version of the Soviet Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


                              I only collect Soviet Union militaria. With my Imperial and WWII German, Canadian and new Japanese collection it's enough!


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