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What Communist Bloc Countries Do You Collect?

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    Czesc Adrian,

    I Look forward to seeing you post some Communist Poland Militaria .

    Dobry vieche,


      I recently started to collect DDR medals (and also bought some photos). Yesterday I bought a grouping of 9 medals and documents from Prof. Dr. Karl Greese. In that Konvolut is also a Polish medal: Polen Waffenbrüderschaftsmedaille. Anybody know what that is?


        Originally posted by Volkbert
        I recently started to collect DDR medals (and also bought some photos). Yesterday I bought a grouping of 9 medals and documents from Prof. Dr. Karl Greese. In that Konvolut is also a Polish medal: Polen Waffenbrüderschaftsmedaille. Anybody know what that is?
        Hi Volkbert,

        The Waffenbruderschaftsmedaille were medals unique to the Warsaw Pact Countries, and were specifically created to be awarded to members of other Warsaw Pact Countries by the country of origin.

        The DDR for example, had a seris of 3 such medals, awarded in Gold, Silver and Bronze. The color denoted the rank of the person receiving the award; the Gold for example being reserved for very senior officers from other countries. These medals sometimes were awarded to servicemembers from the country of origin too.

        When they had large Military Maneuvers (War Games) for example, these medals would be awarded from one country to soldiers of another participating country.

        Each country had such a medal, although I believe the DDR was the only one to have a set of 3. However, the medals from the other countries, even though consisting of only one, were of much nicer quality, including the one from Poland.

        Hope this helps.
        Michael D. GALLAGHER

        M60-A2 Tank Commander Cold War proverb: “You can accomplish more with a kind word and a ‘Shillelagh’ than you can with just a kind word.”


          Waffenbruderschaftsmedaille 2 cl.

          Hi Volkbert:

          Here is an example of the DDR Waffenbruderschaftsmedaille in silver (2nd class). The planchet is simple and cartoonish in design. The ribbon is actually a bit lighter in color but I had to filter the light due to the shiny alloy used in the medal. I would be interested to see other former Warspact Nations version of this medal.

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            Waffenbruderschaftsmedaille 2 cl. Ribbon Bar

            Here is a picture of the ribbon bar to better show the color of the ribbon on the medal.

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              Thanks guys.

              John. as soon as the medal arrives I will post a picture of it.


                Hello all. I am new here, but I couldn't help but notice that you didn't include any of the southern African nations as a possiblity for your votes. I collect uniforms and headgear from Mozambique, Angola, and South West Africa(liberation movements like SWAPO, MPLA, etc.). I know people who collect these items are few and far between, but we are out there!!!!!!! This seems like its going to be a great forum!!!!!


                  Hi Arch,

                  Welcome to the forum. I guess when people talk about communist nations the Africa Continent dosen't come to mind right away. It will be very interesting to see your items!




                    I try to concentrate on soviet, czech and DDR items. Unfortunately communist countries itens are rarely found in my country, but some years ago 2 guys from Russia brought a lot of good stuff from USSR and I bought some things from them, like caps (one of them was post soviet ), common badges and medals, gas masks, etc. A friend of mine who lives in the US sometimes brings me czech items, especially headgear, because her boyfriend is czech (the only woman I know who sells militaria). And I also buy items from some local internet sales pages (not as giant as ebay, but it's an alternative) and there I found itens from these countries.

                    Also, as communist militaria books are also rare and expensive here, this forum is one of my main sources for gaining knowledge, thanks to its very experienced and kind members .


                      Hello Marcos:

                      Welcome aboard! As indicated from the poll there are not too many Czechoslovakia collectors here, so I think I can say that we will all look forward to seeing your Czech items and learning about them from you .



                        Hello -

                        Having collected Imperial German orders & decorations for about thirty years now, after a trip to Russia in 1995, I began collecting Soviet as well. While I have tried to concentrate on documented awards mainly related to naval infantry units & the battle of Stalingrad, I must confess that the collection has far exceeded these original parameters.

                        Through this collecting endeavor I have learned much about a new part of the world, it's people, politics, economics and, above all, real role in WWII. I am sorry, however, to say that current prices coupled with the lack of interesting material and abundance of fakes has caused my interest to wane somewhat in recent years. At the same time, for reasons expressed elsewhere in this thread, I would encourage all interested, especially new collectors, to carry on - it is a fascinating area, well worth attention, dedication and preservation.


                        Wild Card
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                          Poland No particular reason but... I am Pole


                            What I collect

                            I collect Soviet combat uniforms and equipment 1935-1945. I like all ground combat branches and have a real soft spot for Soviet steel helmets.
                            Michael Baskette
                            (Collecting the Red Army of the Great Patriotic War and those who fought against them)



                              I collect Yugoslav militaria ,not my main collecting interest but if im offered a good piece ill take it. There are two main reasons
                              1) I was borned in Yugoslavia 2) my father was an officer in the JNA.

                              He left the army a year before the war here and got divorced . There were tons of uniforms,boots,badges and other nice stuff left , unfortunatly most of it was thrown away or burned as I was too young to stop it .
                              Damn all those officer uniforms ...

                              I will open a new Thread and show what I got after I get new batts for my camera .



                                Bok Kurt,

                                Kako si? Welcome to the forum! I too collect Yugoslavian Orders. I started after my first tour in Bosnia with SFOR. I look forward to seeing your post and items

                                Do videnja,


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